Jessica Szohr Shows Off Fabulous Blunt Bob at Fashion Week (PHOTOS)

Iconic Celeb Hair
Hollywood's most famous 'dos!
Fashion Week isn’t always about the models on the runway showing off the hottest new looks. Sometimes, it’s the celebrities in attendance who also make a splash.

Jessica Szohr arrived at the Marchesa show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on Tuesday night and was in danger of stealing the show as she unveiled her stunning new hairstyle. The Gossip Girl beauty rocked a mean short bob, which compliments her already gorgeous face perfectly. Throw in a stunning strapless silver dress into the mix, and Miss Szohr was one diva you didn’t want to be standing next to.

Szohr’s attention-grabbing look must be making Gossip Girl execs high-five each other, as any and all headlines will be appreciated given that the show is set to premiere on September 26. What will happen with Chuck, Blair, Serena and the rest of the scandalous Upper East Side crew? Only time will tell, but check out this preview below!