Mommy to be Fit Tips with Celeb Trainer Valerie Orsoni (PHOTOS)

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The Hollywood baby boom continues! Celebuzz has teamed up with celeb trainer Valerie Orsoni to offer the best pregnancy fitness tips available.

Click through the gallery to see her suggestions, and be sure to join her website to get your own personal fitness plan! 

Valerie says: The trend in Hollywood seems to be that women don’t want to gain a single pound during pregnancy. Needless to say, this is far from a healthy approach. Indeed, what matters most is making sure mom-to-be is happy by eating wisely-chosen comfort foods that won't leave too many pounds behind. A mom-to-be does need to gain some weight -- just not too much!

Follow my tips for a stress-free pregnancy that ensures you’ll more easily bounce back to your pre-pregnancy body after baby arrives.



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  • NYC_midwife

    Even thought it is delicious, pregnant women should not eat foie gras. It's made from duck livers....all liver is high in vitamin A, large doses of which are associated with fetal malformations...a normal serving (3 oz-ish) of foie gras contain many times the RDA. Also foie gras has higher rates of being contaminated with listeria, which, if the mother is infected with can cause stillbirth or miscarriage. Celebuzz, maybe best to check the credentials of Valerie Orsoni. I'm a midwife (and currently pregnant myself) and very familiar with these guidelines..