Paul Rudd Compares His ‘Naked Male Body’ to That of Ryan Reynolds

Hot Ryans!
Which one reigns supreme?
There is a huge difference when someone laughs with you, and when someone laughs at you. 

Thankfully, comedy’s new leading hero Paul Rudd is always in on the joke, even when it comes to using his own body as the punchline, and what better publication to chat about nudity than Playboy! He told the magazine: 

“I have been naked in a lot of my movies. There’s something inherently funny about the naked male body, particularly mine. Ryan Reynolds, sure, it makes sense why he’d strip down. But not me. I shouldn’t be allowed to.”

The Our Idiot Brother star speaks candidly of one  particular time he actually felt bad for the soundman on set of his film when he had to go nude, saying:

“He was holding up the boom mike and standing right in front of me. My legs were spread, and he was pretty much staring at my hairy taint.”

The star’s interview isn’t all jokes though. When asked about whether he was just being coy or if he actually had insecurities, the star noted:

“Are you kidding me? I’m riddled with insecurity. My entire career exists because of insecurity. Why would anyone be an actor if he or she weren’t insecure? That’s why anybody pursues this kind of work. I remember when my sister was born and I was insecure because I wasn’t getting all the attention anymore. I think you can draw a straight line from that to my entire acting career.”

For more with the funnyman, check out the October issue of Playboy, hitting newsstands September 16.