Robert Pattinson Lands Back in LA After Hanging Tight With Kristen Stewart (PHOTOS)

Robert Pattinson touched down at LAX on Wednesday afternoon after a carefree trip to London. Guess it's back to business for the Twilight hunk!

Rob flew over to the UK for almost two weeks where he visited his friends, family and girlfriend Kristen Stewart of course.

The duo was inseparable the entire time Pattinson was in London, having double dates with Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge, some cozy PDA-filled dinners at low-key pubs, and even mixed business with pleasure during a lunch with Rob's UK agent Grace Clissold.

Kristen has been busy filming Snow White and the Huntsman, but we're glad she got time to relax with her beau.

Our favorite couple will be reunited soon, but in the meantime check them out together on screen in the new trailer for Breaking Dawn Pt. 1.



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  • NEY

    amo o ROB desejo tudo do melhor prá ele . OTIMO ATOR!

  • Telisha Watson
    Telisha Watson

    Seriously LOVE me some Rob!!!! Wish he was getting on that plane to come to SC!

  • Camila Camil Camil
    Camila Camil Camil

    omg rob you are so hot !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oniszko2

    And somebody tell me why he is coming out of the Departure Gate at LAX. if he is arriving.

  • oniszko2

    I hope hes back to look at scripts, he met with his agent in London so somethings up, maybe thats why he left for possible work . But he will go back to London in a couple of weeks, probably end of Sept or beginning of October. Kris finishes filming her part of swath in a c couple of weeks, and then the promos for BD will start in London. Thats why they originally moved her filming schedule up by a month before everybody else so that she could finish and do the promos..

  • MTA

    Does anyone out there knows why he's back in LA? Maybe working on his Music...well i hope he flights back to London to be with Kristen, they r the cutest couple ever...and I think they're perfect for each other...i think they trust each other, which is the main ingredient to make any relationship work..maybe they both know pretty soon, they will be together 24 hours a day, promoting the BD #1 this is the time to get everything done, before the hectic promotion time begins....I wish them both the best of luck, can't wait for the movie!!!! them both!!

  • oniszko2

    Rob will go home to his and Kristen's home in San Feliz I think thats how you spell it, they have been living together for the past two years or so , when they are not working they stay together in their home, I believe someone said that Kristen's parents were watching Bear..He will go back to London when the time is right...

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    Bingo!!! Haters to the left.

  • Yawn

    Before he went to London you kept on saying he would not go until BD promo and you were wrong. No one here cares about what you say. Rob and Kristen will continue to do things the way they want to.

  • oniszko2

    I bet any amount of money that he will go back to London by the end of the month, just a feeling, I believe that they dont like being apart from one another, especially when all the gossip site are already making up crap about them, imagine how bad that must feel to hear and read all that stuff. I am quite sure that Kristine knows what Rob is up to when he is not with her, and he the same..

  • your mother
    your mother

    You're a whack job, laurenk. Seriously.

  • queens on staten
    queens on staten

    LOL........ha! Who's the loser who thinks Summit would ever have that much power to control them? Ridiculous. They're a real couple. Deal with it!

  • tammie

    This isn't his first visit, nor will it be his last. He visits when she has down time from filming. They have a dog together back in LA that he is taking care of.

  • Angela Speagle Holland
    Angela Speagle Holland

    That or he is tired of the camera being in his face 24/7. Poor guy can't have any peace and quiet without someone in his face. I'm not saying that I wouldn't love to meet him in person but damn people give him a break! Rob you are an incredible actor, love ya!

  • 123sudawy

    I couldn't say any better BB:)!! Totally agree! Rob & Kristen....we are here your truly fan and can't hardly wait for BB1 come out November 18. God bless you both!!!

  • tara

    hahah, how long has your "insiders" been feeding you that line? Like two years now, right? I mean, don't you see a pattern here, it's fool proof for your insiders and you're naive enough to actually buy it.

  • ana hernandez
    ana hernandez

    i luvvvv rob pattison hehe :)

  • Jennifer Brown
    Jennifer Brown

    They will be together for the rest of their lives!!!! He look so sad when he landed in LA and sooooo happy 10 days ago when he arrived in London. STOP THE HATE THEY ARE A COUPLE AND LOVE EACH OTHER VERY MUCH PROBABLY FROM THE FIRST DAY THEY LAYED EYES ON EACH OTHER!!!!!!! NUFF SAID

  • Cherie Jackson
    Cherie Jackson

    I understand a picture or 2... But give the man some damn room to breathe!!! No wonder he looks so mad in all the photos... Y'all can't even give him a min to himself!!! I <3 Rob and I gotta say that its honestly getting old... No one wants to see him all mad and irritated cause he cant get a minute.... Sheeesh

  • Len

    people just dont care about their work they care more about their private life, it is sad....

  • amour

    Grazie Taryn for ALWAYS getting the story of them right. You're the best! We true Rob and Kristen fans enjoy coming here and reading your articles. I hope they're together soon! I love Rob's HAPPY face!

  • Robsten Love
    Robsten Love

    If you have negativity to spread go somewhere else bc its not necessary!! Just bc he had to leave has no bearing on their relationship. Work. They have work!! And really if it was all PR they'd be shouting from the rooftops. They choose to keep things private and that's that!! Plain and simple!! So bugger off and go spread your shit elsewhere!!

  • Whattheheck!

    Seriously..who are you to care! Bugger off to your cubby hole and don't come out. Haters with no purpose but malicious crap should be ashamed of themselves. Would you do that to your own parents? I think not....

  • Gee

    lol i guess he isent staying there for 2 months like the crazies said. Please leave this guy alone. If you are only interested in the relationship then you are not a true fan of either of them!

  • carol

    Actually it was 10 days Rob spent in London. He arrived in London on Sept 4th. Found out on Robstenation.

  • Kim

    Thank you, Taryn! Someone who does their homework unlike that "other" site that said Rob and Kristen weren't spotted out together. I mean, it's even on the Bumpkin facebook page that Rob and Kristen were there together. jeez!

  • oniszko2

    Oh did you notice his hair is back, looking good rob

  • laurenk

    BS taryn,they wont see each other until it is time to promote BD,they are no longer together,just pretending and you are a horrible person for going along with the lies summit is feeding the fans.

  • oniszko2

    He looks so tired and so very sad, he always looks like that after Kris and him split from seeing each other. I really thing that they dont like being apart, I have a feeling he will be back in London before to long..

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    If Taryn wrote this, I feel comfortable that its true. She is very reliable.