Alleged Scarlett Johansson Nude Photos Draw FBI Attention

Scarlett's Sexiest Looks!
Scarlett Johansson's Sexiest Looks

When photos purportedly showing Scarlett Johansson nude surfaced on the web early Wednesday, it was only a matter of time before an investigation began into where they came from. And while there's no saying as to whether it's actually Scarlett in the photos, TMZ is reporting that the FBI is now involved.

The photos, which reportedly came from Scarlett's cell phone after someone hacked into the files, show a woman who looks like Johannson, 26, topless and also taking a photo in a mirror while standing nude.

TMZ reports:

"Sources connnected with Scarlett tell us ... the FBI will be contacted this morning because they believe this is a criminal act."
In the past, the nude photo leaks of Vanessa Hudgens and others also drew the attention of the FBI during the investigation phase.


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  • justaguy

    She's pretty and her body is sexy

  • justaguy

    She has a hot body

  • Guest

    I will marry this lady anyday, she would not even wonder about anyone else or any heartbroken episodes..

  • joblo

    "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." I wish she would take some more, maybe publish a portfolio. "If God had wanted us to run around naked, we would have been born that way."

  • Monique Pratt
    Monique Pratt

    Poor Scarlett :(

  • max

    Luv it

  • mrbobotron

    still- shes got a pretty great ass

  • Danny

    She has not had much publicity since Sean Penn dropped her so she took some pictures of her breasts on her phone and posted them over the internet and now she is getting some free publicity. Celebrities are some sick individuals.

  • Sport

    Am I to believe the FBI would get involved if you or I had pics leaked? Hollywood is too full of themselves - put the energy instead into making something original rather than remaking every damn movie ever done before.