Vintage Home Video: Baby Khloe Kardashian Dressed as a Bunny! (VIDEO)

Mason's Sweet Treat
Kourtney buys the tot some frozen yogurt.
It turns out Khloe Kardashian is equally adorable at any age or dressed for any stage.

The evidence? This recently uncovered home video of a young Khloe — just 4 months old — dressed as a bunny. So cute! On her blog, Khloe says of the vintage video: 

“Kimmie found these old home movies of us and she just sent me this clip of me as a little bunny for Halloween! How cute?! My mom’s nickname for me is bunny! LOL. She still calls me bunny even to this day.”

Khloe says she’s thankful for the uncovered footage, adding, “I was 4-months-old when this was filmed — our dad used to document every minute of our lives (I guess nothing changes LOL). He was always the proudest dad. I love hearing his commentary. This makes me miss him so much but I am so grateful that I have footage like this so I can at least remember his voice.”