Vintage Home Video: Baby Khloe Kardashian Dressed as a Bunny! (VIDEO)

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It turns out Khloe Kardashian is equally adorable at any age or dressed for any stage.

The evidence? This recently uncovered home video of a young Khloe -- just 4 months old -- dressed as a bunny. So cute! On her blog, Khloe says of the vintage video: 

"Kimmie found these old home movies of us and she just sent me this clip of me as a little bunny for Halloween! How cute?! My mom’s nickname for me is bunny! LOL. She still calls me bunny even to this day."

Khloe says she's thankful for the uncovered footage, adding, "I was 4-months-old when this was filmed -- our dad used to document every minute of our lives (I guess nothing changes LOL). He was always the proudest dad. I love hearing his commentary. This makes me miss him so much but I am so grateful that I have footage like this so I can at least remember his voice."

Khloe's Home Video!
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  • Binbo

    I luv u so much Klohe at time I just wish u are my big sis though I don't know u personally but I beleive u wil be a gud hearted person

  • Tabitha M Miller
    Tabitha M Miller

    AWE!! I <3 it~ Khloe I love you bc u r so real... Even though you may not be on as many mag covers as Kim.. You are so loved bc you are such a sweetheart and dont mind being yourself no matter what the rest of the world thinks.. regardless of what others think or feel, you are gonna do whats right in your heart.. You have inspired me so much! God bless you and keep up the beautiful work! P.S. Yall are always in my prayers!!

  • banke

    Wow dis is nice little khloe then bt big nw see hw time fly hw wish ur dad was still alive I feel for U̶̲̥̅̊.

  • Alex Merzoian
    Alex Merzoian

    Awww cute! my fav part is hearin ur dads voice! almost made me cry! Im a daddys girl and i feel for u! Armenian dads are the best!

  • dawn

    It is a video to be cherished and shatred one day with your children and grandchildren. times sure flys and we forget we were once that young.

  • amanda

    Cute,cute,is that your mom holding you?

  • laurie ann
    laurie ann

    I love all of you!! I'm thinking u r my favorite gal you r down to earth you remind me a lot of my own daughters a tough cookie god bless you your awesome hubby and entire family :)


    Ohh kloe you look adorable,

  • chrystal

    omg you look adorable... ive got to say ur like my fav. kardashian

  • Brenda

    So cute time has not passed by cause you are still very cute

  • sonia swanson
    sonia swanson

    That is just lovely,you are a true beauty,Your a wonderful woman with a good heart.

  • Leslie marin
    Leslie marin

    Look how DAWLIN ;0)

  • jess

    omg so cute!

  • ladonna

    Kloe you are so pretty!

  • Melissa Arnold
    Melissa Arnold

    Thats sweet!

  • lynn sanny
    lynn sanny

    Oh my God khloe u we'r so cute I luv u doll

  • Amy Dowdy Satterfield
    Amy Dowdy Satterfield

    Too cute! Love the Ghostbusters music in the background.

  • Marta

    Omg beautiful im sure ur father would be very proud of you and ur sisters !! Wish youll the best of luck !! Love yall dolls