Brad Pitt: My Marriage to Jennifer Aniston Made Me 'Pretend' (PHOTO)

Brad Pitt Parade Magazine

In a rare moment, Moneyball star Brad Pitt is opening up about his personal life, including when he plans to marry Angelina Jolie, how he learned to become a parent and why he felt like he was "pretending" during his high-profile marriage to Jennifer Aniston.

In the latest issue of PARADE, on stands Sunday, the 47-year-old A-lister said he is "so happy" to have Angelina in his life, adding,"She is such a great mom."

"One of the greatest, smartest things I ever did was give my kids Angie as their mom," he said.

Brad also said that becoming a parent was "instinctual"

"Now I have a great confidence and trust in those instincts," he said. "I mean, one sound at night and you’re awake and up because they may need you. Or when they start to have a tantrum, you know to divert them from spinning out by helping them focus on something. It just goes on and on. I tell them, 'You can make a mess, but you’ve got to clean it up.'"

Though parenting is going well, don't expect Brad and Angie to get married anytime soon. "We’ll get married when everyone can," he said, addressing the tabloid stories about his relationship with Angelina. "We’re not splitting up. And we don’t have a seventh child yet."

Meanwhile, Brad says that he is "satisfied" with his life now, but admits he tried to avoid the celebrity in machine during the '90s, to the point where his life became "pathetic."

"I think that my marriage [to actress Jennifer Aniston] had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t."

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  • Vc

    have her as a mom*****

  • Vc

    Brad Pitt, you're a douche! You cheat on your wife with a woman known for her mental health and drug issues and you're happy to have your children her as a mom??? Then talk down on her and call your marriage "pretend"... Classy dude...

  • Leonor

    Ppl should stop making "jen" as u lke to call her a victim. If a man wants to start a fam, that means a lot. She was a selfish brat w/wanted what brad had that was fame. If it wasnt for that shitty show friends she wouldnt of be famouse. She decided to go on a do more movies than be a good wife. So men get tired of that and choose some1 else to make them happy.He was jst being tru and honest bout his life. Or maybe he got back at her for talkin bout angie. She was just way too boring. I totally agree w/susan

  • dwts11

    Seriously Brad, Just shut the fuck up! First of all you're a fucking idiot, second of all you're a liar and cheater, third you're a loser.

  • jayne

    For a couple that has everything, they sure go out if their way to publicly insult Jennifer, and one has to question the timing if Brad's words...on the heels of Jennifer's new hot romance. Someone should explain the definition of the word DELUSIONAL to Brad because that is exactly what hid relationship to that tramp is. The only truth in their being are Shiloh, Knox & Vivienne. For them I pray.

  • vivi

    Way to go Brad Maybe this ranks right up there with the fact when you open your mouth, @&#^ comes out and why people struggle like crazy to interview you. Who let you speak without Angie anyway? Thats the only way you can hold a conversation. You could atleast have some class, or was that Angies idea to say something like that. Keep adopting babies from other countries to sugar coat the incredibly bad, unclassy behavior you and the other woman participated in. Cant stand anything I hear from this couple........big joke.

  • stephanie

    not everyone works out

  • Lily

    For the People who are saying negative things you people don't know him never meet him he has a reasons for saying what he did you guys weren't in his relationship and you guys don't know how he was feeling or what was going on so just shut up.

  • Tina

    What a dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cherie

    Finally! I am so glad he has said how he felt about himself and his marriage. Let's be honest he has never said anything about Jennifer-let her play the victim with what little talent she has. Good for him for finding his voice, admitting his love and happiness. We should be happy for all all 3 of them-especially Jennifer but she is not in a marriage to someone WHO DID NOT LOVE HER! Keep doing your good work Brad and don't listen to people who think they know how to live your life better than you do.

  • what?

    So Brad let me get this left your wife for another woman and now you try to find excuses (after 7 years?) by blaiming your ex?..what a d i c k head

  • JazzJAZZ

    What total disrespect for Jennifer. He asked her to marry him. He may have fallen out of love with her, but that doesn't mean she stopped loving him. What an A-hole! So he fell in love with a conniving tramp. Now he is trapped in a marriage with all those children, trying to prove he is happy. From what I have read, he has no problem flirting with other women during the filming of various movies. Which I understand drives Angelina mad! Please show some respect for your former wife. She has acted as a lady throughout this. I have totally lost all respect for Brad and Angelina. I won't even watch any of their movies.

  • Niki

    People are over reacting, he just said he felt like he was pretending while married to Jennifer, maybe he had to seem happy all the time due to the media attention, I doubt he was belitteling what they had. The point is he is happy and fulfilled now, if people do not like him and Angelina then that's too bad but discounting Angelina as a mother or a talented woman is just un called for, those children seem to be having a very fulfilling life and are well cared for. The comment wasn't very sensitive but we must remember that papers are printed to seel copies, this isn't probably the full statement

  • Amanda Hasaka
    Amanda Hasaka


  • Amy

    So he cheated and dumped Jennifer and I guess that's not enough now he has to put down their marriage which obviously meant a lot to her. Does he not realize that people have feelings? How does he think she feels when she's tried so hard to move on and he now continues to bash her saying his marriage was boring and he was pretending?! What a pig!

  • readabook

    Traded up?? Brad did NOT trade up w angelina. She is a freak who shlda stayed w billy bob. Any1 who wears blood, kisses their brother on the mouth (several times) and just overall WEIRD ... Jen is amazing, healthy, better body and why does something have to be "wrong" bcz she hasn't had kids or re-married yet? Hell, if she was left for jolie, I can totally see why she wld be hesitant on jumpin the broom again... prob afraid that she might marry a creep, disguised as a good guy (AGAIN) that'll leave her for another skank. Jen, your body is bangin, u look amazing! The only thing jolie has on u is her lips (the 1's on her face~ the others prob are a hot nasty mess) ur ass is great, u look amazing. If jolie didn't have her lips she wld look like the creepy cript keeper! There are a lot of us (REAL MEN) that can see Brad really, REALLY messed up!

  • M

    Can anyone say DBag....

  • marilyn

    After that comment I hate Brad Pitt even more. What a Drag!!!

  • Kat

    Wow....apparently neither of the Jolie-Pitts have a filter.

  • PaLee

    Totally missing a sensitivity chip like Jen said!

  • Someone

    Ok really it is her body her choice. The 2 of them were on different tracks, and Brad did not need to hit such a low blow. Its great 2 see them both happy so why bring up the past. What he said was stupid and mean, how would you like if someone you loved said he was pretending

  • Susan

    Love the Jolie-Pitts. Parents are gorgeous and kids are beautiful. Brad is better off without Aniston, somethings gotta be wrong with a 40 something women who can't keep a man and make up her mind about kids. She's totally selfish and a control freak. Stop making Aniston the victim cause she's not. Team Jolie all the way. Brad totally traded up!

  • mntnml

    There was no need to bring up Jen's name....

  • danielleakame

    i get that people will always be interested in his marriage and what not, and the questions will always be asked. but he could have taken the high road and left jen out of it. the marriage ended ages ago. kinda sad.

  • andres

    Is he saying that his marriage to Aniston was all for show? If that's the case, then he was a very good actor at the time but can’t say the same for him and Jolie. The way those two “act” on the red carpet seem so fake nowadays.

  • Michele Lynn Scapeccia
    Michele Lynn Scapeccia

    Hey Brad if your so happy why even bring up her name, that is the sign of a classless jerk! If she is so prefect and a great mother why not marry her and give her your last name? You and Angie deserve each other, my god the worlds sun and moon doesn't rise and set in the land of Jolie-Pitt, wake up and realize that your both asses for doing what you did! You end one before starting another one! OH and Brad from where I sit Jennifer has gotten better looking and hotter since she and you divorced, all the photo I see of Angie she looks like she needs to eat, be bathed and have her hair comboed! You traded down!

  • Michelle keran
    Michelle keran

    Jennifer Anniston seems like a cold fish -why did it take so long for a man to want to stick around with her. Yawn! Boring in bed!

  • mika

    are you stupid?your the one who is badmouthing!no wonder you idolize these fake couple

  • TLS

    Wow, that last quote is really low. He did not need to mention that even if he believes it is true. It really is a slap in the face to say that about someone he hopefully did love once (since he married her) and I felt bad just reading the comment. I can't imagine how that must make Jennifer Aniston feel.

  • mila

    Wow what an A-hole! Its now that i have come to realize that they both deserve each other..a slut and an asshole.Angelina and brad are MFEO , horrible people trying to hide their evil deeds by giving to charity. But who are they kidding?Definitely not ME!A perfect combination isn't it people?..Thank God jen is off with him!LOL!

  • miafrea

    wow, so basically he is saying that he is glad that angelina is the mom of his kids and not jennifer? what a tool. didn't he get all angry when aniston gave an interview years ago where she called angelina's actions "not cool", because he was mad all the old stuff was brought up again; and now this? seems someones ego is bruised - after all, this is the first time jennifer has a very public and equally happy relationship, whereas he and angie can't catch a break from bad press. i used to like him but this is just it. what a moron.

  • Analystgirl

    What a turd

  • iluvJEN

    Retarded...! How you dare to compare you to Jolips with such a beautiful woman like Jen. Again,u are Retarded mr.Pitt.

  • LUYN


  • Heather

    I think Brad an Angie make wonderful parents. I hope they have a wonderful life together.

  • jen

    Aww look at that. How nice of him to drag Jen into it. He says his life was pathetic then I wonder what it is now! What a Dick

  • vicki

    He is a disgusting man. Brad and Angie are horrible role models. What can they teach their children... ways to cheat and lie. Brad has NO right to even say Jennifer's name. They are disgusting!

  • Ashley

    Wow what a jerk. How could he say that his marriage to Jen was all 'pretend'. well she's in a happier place now and he's with a psycho. I hate that he's bring Jen up just to promote his movie. Yeah I know brad, ur movies are crap now

  • m.moniz

    He just lost tons of respect points in my book. Bad mouthing his marriage Aniston isn't going to change the opinions of those who think low-ly of Angelina. That could have just remained unsaid.

  • Butch Meyer
    Butch Meyer

    So sad...they won't be adding another child to their herd/publicity stunt sideshow???!

  • B--tch, please
    B--tch, please

    Hmmm why is he dragging Jen to promote his movie? Whoring out his kids dont give him much attention anymore?