Exclusive ‘Abduction’ Stills Featuring Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins (PHOTOS)

Taylor's Best Looks
Lautner's hottest looks through the years!
 There’s a little more than a week left until Abduction kicks, shoots and punches its way into theaters, but until then, Celebuzz has four exclusive movie photos of Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins and the film’s other cast members to hold you over.

In the exclusive photos given to Celebuzz, Lautner can be seen in all of his action star glory, sprinting across a bridge rocking a Pirates shirt in one image. In another, he and Collins — who are an item in real life — are seen peering off into the distance as they sit in the back of a car.

Lautner plays Nathan while Collins plays the character Karen as they try to navigate through Nathan’s mysterious past. Nathan sets out to uncover the truth about his life after finding his baby photo on a missing persons website,” according to IMDB — giving Lautner a chance to show off his drama chops even more than he did in the Twilight films.

Taylor recently told E!’s Mark Malkin that he describes the film as an “action-drama-thriller-romance … It’s got everything.” He also gave a bit of a teaser by saying that he and Collins share “an intense steamy scene” in the movie, but kept the details under wraps.

Sorry, you’ll just have to see it when it opens on September 23.

Earlier this week, the trailer for Breaking Dawn: Part 1 was unveiled, and while much of the focus was on Bella and Edward, Taylor’s Jacob character was also a crucial part.