His Royal Hotness Turns 27, Scope Out Prince Harry’s Sexiest Looks (PHOTOS)

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Being third in line for England’s crown isn’t too shabby for the ineffable hunk Prince Harry. Though Kate Middleton took a liking to his older bro, Prince William, here at Celebuzz, we have a soft spot for the rebellious red-headed Harry! Maybe it’s the piercing eyes or the royal title or maybe, just maybe, it’s his care-free attitude. Today, September 15, the swoon-worthy Harry turns 27!

Click on the pics to view Harry’s most delectable looks!

Taking after his mother, Princess Diana, Harry has become a philanthropist in his own right. He’s continued his mother’s work in helping underprivileged children. In 2009, he co-founded a charity with his brother for the disadvantaged youth and to help members of the Armed Forces and their families as well as raise awareness for the environment.

Good-looking, royalty and charitable? What else? Well, Harry is also an avid Polo player. Yes, that’s right ladies, he’s also athletic! And he’s single too! Since breaking up with his long-time girlfriend Chelsy Davy earlier in the year, Harry’s been spotted with Charlize Theron and rumored to be with model Florence Brudenell-Bruce.

Don’t fret though, judging by this video of him partying in a Croatian nightclub, it doesn’t look like our favorite ginger has any desire to settle down anytime soon.
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