Justin Theroux vs. Brad Pitt: Who Had the Hotter Magazine Pics? (POLL)


Jenn's men are all over the October issues! Justin Theroux was featured in GQ magazine, while Brad Pitt was in both PARADE and Entertainment Weekly

Both men looked super sexy for their photo shoots, but who was hotter: Jennifer Aniston's current beau Justin or her ex-husband Brad? Sound off in the comments and cast your vote in the poll!!

Justin, 40, didn't speak on his relationship with his A-list actress, 42, but he did get gritty! He posed for a series of super-sexy shots, all reminiscent of classic ’70s male movie characters.

However, Brad, 47, did speak in regards to his ex. 

The Moneyball star told PARADE of his marriage to Jenn: 

“I think that my marriage [to actress Jennifer Aniston] had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.”
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  • Monica

    Amanda Swope - Jen I am so happy for you! I was excited to see your egaenemgnt pictures in Maine and now to see your wedding day! So happy for you! And you did look gorgeous! Beautiful job Kate as always!

  • Irfan

    Are you blushing yet? I bet all them women have a ccpistahk in their purse to woo you in too; and if they don't they better make note of it, lol. You make an incredible model, Steve. Justin and Mary kicked some serious booty on these! Awesomeness!

  • tina57

    Brad lost all his good looks once he left Jennifer , but glad there not together, Brad & Angie great pathetic match.

  • Tee

    Poor, sad, and abandoned?? She seems pretty happy in her life to me....just sayin, I get your not a fan but she doesn't seem to be those things, maybe 7 years ago but not anymore.

  • Mary Osei Amponsah
    Mary Osei Amponsah

    you guys should check out justin october issue of GQ pictures, they are about 6 or 7, he is so fine indeed we love you jen and justin. justifer + justjen

  • Mary Osei Amponsah
    Mary Osei Amponsah

    brad has lost his looks, he looks like a homeless guy right now. it so sad how self centered he was and how he allowed his weakness to push him to the wall and now he deserve what he is going through. angie wears the pant in their relationship and controls him like a small boy, that what he wanted and he got it, good for you brad. that karma for him, next time he wouldnt cheat on his wife again with a hoe deep down i believe he still loves jen and thinks of her sometimes becos there is no reason as to why after 7yrs good years he brought up his marriage to jen, he indeed disrespected her and jen didnt let that got to her bcos he has someone better than brad and having fun together now who came out better in this separation, it jen of course. look at her right now. beautiful, sexy and her career is blossoming and with a great guy who is head over heels in love with her and treats her right

  • Mary Osei Amponsah
    Mary Osei Amponsah

    brad has been missing a sensitivity chip since 2005 till now, he is a fool, disrespectful to all women in the world, his ass deserve to be whooped, he is a disgrace to all mothers, he does his fake humanitarian work but doesnt know how to treat other human beings, that is such a shame, on the other hand justin theroux is one fine hot ass guy, sexy, hot, brainy, humble, sweet, good personality like jen and has humor. he is just perfect for jen i hope at least they get engage even if they wont marriage and have little jen or justin around the house, at least one will do.

  • vivian

    Definitely Justin seems more interesting , a touch of class and more of a sense of reality and humbleness.. And Brad defintely is missing a few sensitivity chips and much more ... I think our society will never forgive or get over his choice..sad but true, it's none of our business but the way he acted really disgusted us.. the magazine pictoral editorial with W Mag with Angie so humilliating to his ex-wife coming from him and nasty angie..

  • Happyface

    Wow, did Aniston fans decided to gather here today to stand up for "poor, sad, abandoned" Jennifer?

  • Brittany


  • Marie Luis Gines
    Marie Luis Gines

    jenni aniston is a great woman jolie is a trash woman

  • Josette

    Brad looks old and tired--bland, zero sex appeal. Justin looks exciting and hot--plus he is brainy--he's a screenwriter and comes from a family of writers and journalists. That is so sexy. Justin has pedigree. Brad is low-class. Justin is so hot; Brad, not at all!

  • Suh

    Justin is sooooooo HOOOOOOTTTT... Hmmmm...

  • Tawny

    Justin by far, he is sexy! I prefer the beard

  • brendacool

    HELLO i am miss Brenda, i contacted you for us to be friends please mail me on (brendamoyo8@yahoo.in) i will tell you more about my self then, thanks, Brenda.

  • Becca

    Justin is HOT. GO Jen. I am so over Brad. Plus, Justin is a true gentleman. HOTTER>

  • gingert

    I like Justin with or without beard. He is a real man to me. Sounds he is very kind and low-keyed. I wish he is the right guy for lovely Jen.

  • Hannah

    Justin is the hottest!

  • twh3

    Justin Theroux is HOTTTTTT! Brad Pitt is scraggly and ugly and when he opens his mouth he is even uglier.

  • Lynn Cee
    Lynn Cee

    It's not a "sensitivity link" that's missing ... it's a few links.

  • Lynn Cee
    Lynn Cee

    The Pitts. Who is the bigger doofus, Brad Pitt or John Meyer? Some girls sure know how to pick 'em.

  • Lee

    I agree with all the other brad comments. He was hot when he was with Aniston. now he's just gross sloppy seconds with that slutty Jolie girl.

  • Brooke

    Brad Pitt is a disgusting excuse for a man and his comments cannot be justified. I don't care who's side you take. He's completely disrespectful and a pig. Get over yourself!

  • katb

    Brad lost his appeal when he left an amazing woman for slut bottom feeder trash. Who would want to hit that after who is screwing him now?? I would be afraid he would give me a serious disease