Kendall Jenner Dazzles During Sherri Hill Runway Debut (PHOTOS)

Kendall Jenner looked like a seasoned pro as she hit the runway for Sherri Hill's show on Wednesday evening. Strutting in an number of sparkly gowns, she made her big debut during Mercedes-Benz fashion week, with her family cheering her on.

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian set front row and were even joined by Kris Humpries' older sis, Kaela. The trio applauded and cheered for their 15-year-old sister. After the runway debut, Kim gushed about the show, writing:

"Wow my little sis @kendalljenner faced her fears & killed it tonight on the runway!"

Be sure to stay tuned to, as we'll be debuting exclusive behind-the-scenes footage/interview with Kendall at the Sherri Hill show.

This has been a huge week for the Jenner gals. Kylie Jenner made her catwalk debut at New York Fashion Week walking in Avril Lavigne‘s Abbey Dawn show. She strutted down the runway looking like a punk rock princess in a series of looks — including a black mini-dress with a ballerina tutu.

Following the show, Kylie was ready to explode with excitement. “It was so much fun. I had the best time. I’m obsessed and can’t wait for my next show,” Kylie gushed to Celebuzz, admitting she wasn’t nervous thanks to the support from her family.



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  • eden66

    Wow..I love this pic of her..Very Beautiful

  • eden66


  • eden66

    Beautiful Smile

  • duBad

    that girl next to kim is Khris' sister right?

  • srsly


  • sandra

    wow this dress lookkk awesome

  • sandra

    beautiful smile n i honestly know that her family so proud

  • sandra

    she lloookkk greattttt

  • Peta Marley
    Peta Marley

    she's the prettiest of all kardashian girls! U rock Kendall.

  • Heaven

    of course kim is on playing on her phone..

  • mandy

    are you kidding ! she's BEAUTIFUL .. maybe u r just jealous :)

  • CECE

    judging by the way the blonde's neck muscles stand out she needs to GAIN about 5 - 10 pounds. I know models have to be thin but she is sickly thin! Kendall is by far the prettier of the two.

  • wHATEV

    always the same face.. boring

  • wHATEV

    hate her

  • LaDonna

    Kendall doll you are clearly a natural and you look amazing! I luv IT, keep ripping the runway!

  • Martha Corella ibarra
    Martha Corella ibarra

    Omg!!You go Kendoll! You really look like one! BEAUTIFUL<3

  • annepearl

    Dis is totally aaamazing ill lay low and see d stuf dey are made of to run d world

  • deena k
    deena k

    Oh my god she is turning in to a beautiful girl, work it kendall, take over the world like ur sisters

  • Brittney

    Omg I want this dress so bad for my prom. It's a showstopper :))

  • monique

    To d kardashians,I will say u are such a blessed family,am so happy to see kendall on runway.Waitin to see jenner girls run the world,love u all.

  • meow


  • expletivebmp

    Meh, Brooke Shield did the same thing, and she's even more awesome for it. Sexting kids? Hardly.

  • casey

    I love all my Kardashian girls and the for the Jenner girls, let's just say get ready world because we got some beatiful girls that are ready too shine love you all and Momma Chris too.

  • Gina

    The blond looks sickly gross

  • charlene

    Gorgeous girl.

  • Anita Duru
    Anita Duru

    A new star discovered, hmmmm, go girl is in u.

  • Lil

    Cool dress! Girl does catwalk like a novice though. Smart move, Sherri Hill. It doesn't matter that she hasn't perfected catwalk yet- you get loads of free advertising just for casting her...

  • Lix

    They both need to eat a pie or 2

  • johnmichael24

    She gets hotter everyday, but I'm not suprised.

  • tai

    Wow...good for her she faced her fears.....I've noticed recently.that when I face something I'm afraid of......its not nearly as bad as.I what a lesson...wish I had learned it years ago

  • Dolores ferguson
    Dolores ferguson

    I think that you are a smart kid and will be a great success in your modeling career. O believe you will be the next star in Hollywood.

  • dejah waldinger
    dejah waldinger

    wow kendall you looks AMAZING

  • Susan

    Beautiful,i'm jealous of those long legs!

  • Cassie Sorrell
    Cassie Sorrell

    She looks great! How awesome is it to be surrounded by such an amazing and supportive family!?

  • Charlene Flippins
    Charlene Flippins

    This dress is too low cut , makes her look like her chest is flatter then what it is. Makes umm ,needs a push up bra to lift her where it belongs.. Other wise dress is pretty . The white dress she had on actually was tailored good.Looked really good on her. The white dress made her look like a princess ,.

  • Nessa

    lol that person's phone looks like its up Kourt's nose

  • Jordin

    Yeah love how they all suport each other

  • Jacqueline Galeano
    Jacqueline Galeano

    You can tell kim and kourtney look so proud!

  • Jesus Ramirez
    Jesus Ramirez

    omg, she is beautiful

  • Amy

    Her bod is fab. But she looks a little hunched. Roll those shulders back gurrl!

  • QasimButtar

    extremely gorgeous

  • mb

    she is a very pretty girl. i just dont understand why all the high fashion models have to be 15 years old. they are not even filled out as women yet. i prefer women who have breasts and hips, High fashion is so messed up, imo

  • Mitzie James Moser
    Mitzie James Moser

    WOW!! She looks AMAZING, and a very pretty girl. Complete package. Congratulations Kendall.

  • Tiffanny Munoz
    Tiffanny Munoz

    kendall looks amazing!!!

  • Danielle

    Beauty where? sorry but the blond one looks fugly kendall is waaaay more prettier and this is kendalls first runway so she'll obviously work more one her posture

  • Taylor

    For her first runway she did great!

  • Jessica

    Beautiful smile

  • Nicole

    Oh, the blonde - Kathie Lee Gifford's daughter is a beauty! Kendall has poor posture

  • Kay

    This dress is amazing she looks gorg

  • wess

    Kris Humphries' sister Kaela is a plus size model? Kaela's picture on her twitter page is very decieving, who knew that she is 5'10 and wears a size 16.

  • Honey

    Like an angel <3

  • Natalie

    Ugh! Shes so lucky such a pretty face and beautiful body with those long legs

  • Natalie

    Agree shes stunning totally model material this is where she belongs. Go Kendall!

  • YOYO

    Jesus kendall. sdSKOkfoekg or'qpqk no words, just giveee meeh yo facebuk o something ª-ª