The Kardashians Go Glam for 'Kourtney & Kim Take NY' Promo (PHOTOS)

In between zipping all across Manhattan for Fashion Week (where they cheered on lil sis Kendall), Kim and Kourtney Kardashian got all sorts of glamorous to shoot promotional footage for the new season of Kourtney & Kim Take NY.

The sister duo hit up a downtown heliport in the Big Apple dressed to the nines. Kourtney rocked a stunning red halter-top jumpsuit with a plunging neckline and posed alongside Kim, who wore a leg-baring white dress. No flight suits for these fashionable ladies!

Also with the sisters Kardashian were their respective men. Kris Humphries towered over his new wife and sister-in-law, standing next to Kim in a tuxedo. Scott Disick was also on hand, but cannot be seen in the photos. Later that day, Kourtney and Kim scooted uptown to Trump Tower to watch Kendall Jenner walk in the Sherri Hill show for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, where they showed their support by cheering Kendall on from the front row. Earlier in the week, they did the same for Kylie Jenner, who walked in Avril Lavigne's Abbey Dawn show.

There's no premiere date for the new season of Kourtney & Kim, but Kardash-crazed fans can get a heaping dose of the family when Kim's Fairy Tale Wedding special airs on October 9 and 10 in a two-part E! special. Until then, check out the preview trailer and get your tissues ready!




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  • paul

    very nice

  • kat

    shes not a step sister shes a half sister

  • melissa

    No her wedding wont last cause weddings are usually only one day dumbass its called a marraige. And ur just hating on kim cause no one wants ur nasty ass!

  • Charles Bynoe
    Charles Bynoe

    Did you spend your honeymoon in Barbados.w.i ?

  • grace

    Kim's hooha is nearly showing

  • debs

    Would kim kardashian wedding last because a bit of a slut who loves dick to much

  • barbara miller
    barbara miller

    very beautiful love to see you doing great wish yhe best for you on your new voyage peace and love to you and chris

  • ashleyiglesias

    Kourtney is so classy and beautiful!

  • Vianne

    Are u on crack? Kendall is about as exotic as a plain jane. the only reason Kendall is even on a runway is because she is Kardashian's step sister.

  • Macgregor edith
    Macgregor edith


  • Macgregor edith
    Macgregor edith

    really beautiful. Kourtney you look stunning in your red out fit.

  • Isabel Alejandra Díaz
  • anand

    so nice no word for that pix............

  • anand

    so nice so cut pixle

  • anand

    mind blowing pix kim

  • Zubzub85

    You all need to learn how to spell! Stop hating and get a life !

  • Ally

    I love ur shows I love everything about the kardashines when ever I see or hear about something about any if u I jump and get straight on to it and find m

  • Adrian Charles Steele
    Adrian Charles Steele

    Wow Kim!! You are breath-takingly stunning....

  • KardashiansOnline.Net

    I've just read the comments on here and it's sickening that someone would call a child 'ugly'. If you don't like the parents, fine, but to call a toddler ugly is ridiculous. Grow up! To say Kim & Kris have no chemistry is not fair either. Just because it doesn't show on camera doesn't mean they're not madly in love. The old age saying of "chemistry on screen means nothing off it" comes to mind! Not EVERYTHING is seen on the camera's people! Someone up there ^^^ called Khloe fat, wtf? I've found that when people call Khloe fat, they're simply jealous and are often bigger than her. Khloe is tall, she is clearly going to be of a bigger body build than someone who is 5ft2. @Rebecca, the shoots were done on the same day! If you don't like the Kardashians then stop spending hours bashing them. If you don't want to read an article about them don't click it. Come on people, it's seriously NOT rocket science! -

  • austin 101
    austin 101

    kim not hot. 7.8\10 not bad. Kendall is the hottest kardashian followed buy fat khloe kedall 8.3/10 khloe 7.9/10

  • meg ene oche
    meg ene oche

    I luv u so much kourt nd I wish am the lucky scort.

  • tapha

    they look hot

  • peppa

    I think they're becoming old news...

  • Lina

    Boca de pescado

  • Omoney


  • emily

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  • pacia

    u da best!

  • Getty

    Much as I like yu Kim I think you deserve better than Kris Humphries. Are yu doing all these to spite anyone in particular? Anyways when shuld we expect yu in Nigeria? Yu have so many fans here.

  • Rebecca

    love love love the kardashians!!! but kim and kris were photographed on 9/10/11 in the same outfits... cant wait for KKTNY!!!!

  • Carmen

    The kardashions are the best and Kim hope u and Kris are happy together you are the best girl I look up to u

  • perro

    Kim and her husband have no chemistry! U looks and talks dumb. I think your hoping this "marriage" will help u get over reggie, but trust me, it won't work:(

  • sherall jones
    sherall jones

    You ladies look fabulous as always!! Can't wait for the new season !! Can't wait to see what you ladies are going to do and wear!!! Keep it coming dolls!!!!! Keey keey!!! :P

  • Hanhan Solosolo
  • paige

    wow they almost look identical in this picture (kim&kourtney)

  • samantha whyte
    samantha whyte

    Love the kardashians they r truely a roll model

  • iglot

    haha i just read all the comment about THE KARDASHIANS...well my comment for them is..all of them is very pretty and they are not cheap actress like other woman in showbiz..i love KARDASHIANS..anyway where's kloe?

  • Cara

    I love the Kardashians and familys, but I think Chris Humphries is crude and very rude. This just from watching the show this guys is nobody I would want to know! I'm suprised Kim is going to be with someone like this.

  • casey

    Love these ladies!!! If you dont like them why do you spend your time looking on the website and commenting on the photos. Keep the negativity to yourself. You ladies keep doing what youre doing because you are on TOP right now and worked very hard to get there. Enjoy it!

  • melinda

    kourtney makes this expressio with her mouth thinking it looks sexy, it makes her resemble a monkey even more

  • Ashlee

    so sick of these kartrashians, kim should go change Kris' diapers and Kourtney should dump that asshole of a boyfriend she has and go take care of her ugly, old man looking son. Vomiting now!

  • Nicole

    omg, look at Lurch, lmao! He is in way over his head...I wonder how often she has to change his diapers. I am soooo embarrassed for him!

  • mirian ramirez
    mirian ramirez

    Who cares were is khloe and kourtney and who care about humphries he is rude and ugly looking

  • Dede Özkul
    Dede Özkul

    cok güzel ve begeniyorum

  • Elizabeth

    @ Shaw....I think you have the definition of the word " Cougar" wrong when it comes to them....A cougar is a woman who is 10, 15 or even 20 years her husband or boyfriend's senior, while Kim and Kourtney are only a few years older than their husbands.

  • twinklemepink06

    that slit is YOWZA high.

  • kewlgirl

    kim's neck will resemble an ostrich soon

  • missunderstood

    Who cares???

  • Shaw

    A lot of people don’t know that Kim and Kourtney Kardashian are cougars. Scott is 28 while Kourtney is 32. Kris is 26 while Kim is 31. Kim and Kourtney are the more mature ones who have always been in control of their relationships with their partners and had the power.