Were Kelly Bensimon, Jill Zarin & Alex McCord Axed From 'Housewives'?


Is Bravo is making some changes to the cast of Real Housewives of NYC? Not necessarily, Kelly Bensimon's rep tells Celebuzz.

Reports have been surfacing that Bravo is getting rid of not only Kelly, but Jill Zarin and Alex McCord, in a serious revamp of the hit Bravo series.

We reached out to the Real Housewives' star's rep and they told us that "nothing has been confirmed yet."

Jill's rep responded with a similar answer, telling us, "Discussions between Jill and Bravo are ongoing and no final decisions have been made."

Insiders initially told the Huffington Post that they "have all be let go from the series and will not be returning as fulltime cast members next season. The source explained that the women were directly contacted by Bravo on Thursday morning with the news -- they had no idea the pink slips were headed their way."

We guess we'll just have to wait and see if these ladies were indeed let go.

Do you believe the reports? Would you be upset if they weren't around for next season? Let us know in the comments!

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  • brenda blanton
    brenda blanton

    I do not think Jill or Kelly should come back !!! Jill is mean , bossy , controlling !!! Kelly is in need of therapy and to be around good nice people , not people who put things in her head that are not true and is destructive to herself and others , its very hard to watch someone fall apart and be scared because of lies other ladys put in her head that are just not so !!! As far as Alex I like her and she really try to help the ladys !!! Love Love Ramona and Sonja they are just great !!! Luann is Jill little follower and wants to climb the social ladder and is two face for one who was a commoner before she marryed and became countess !!! So luann is really fake untrustworthy plus I bet you she will say if Jill not on then I won't either but then she dose have to look out for number one and make money so who knows with her she really not liked by very many and neither is Cindy !!! Jill luann and Cindy all seem to fellow Jill and want to be social climbers likes Jill will and can take them there lol !!! They need to be their own person called being real !!!

  • Ashley

    I really hope this is true! I can NOT stand Kelly, Jill or Alex. I wasn't sure I would even be watching next season but if they're gone I will.

  • memommon

    This is wonderful news. There were several of them that were just disgusting this year and the end of season show where they all sit down was awful how the acted!!

  • Nicole

    I sooooo hope this is true! Time to clean house, Jill & Kelly have GOT TO GO! I'd like to see how Lulu acts without her master Jill around to suk up to