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We're more than a little sad that Harry Potter has come to an end. The Celebuzz staffers may be full-grown adults, but this series was anything but just kid's stuff!

Now that the movie franchise has concluded, there has already been some talk about rebooting the series. What better way to shake things up than move the magic Stateside? 

For something completely different, we've recast the movie with American actors. From Brad Pitt to Abigail Breslin, see who made the cut!

Do you agree with our picks? Give us your thoughts in the comments below! 

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  • brownsr2

    The mere thought of recasting a British-themed movie about a British boy with an all-American cast is stupid. Factor in that it's the internationally epic, one-and-only ultra-mega blockbuster Harry Potter and now have a garbage movie! To even suggest an all-American cast is beyond pathetic! If I were Ms. J.K. Rowling (along with the producers, directors, and actors/actresses) I'd be insulted! Alan Rickman as Severus Snape is irreplaceable, even with another British actor, let alone an American. Sorry USA, but the red,white, and blue in this case belongs to the UK. USA missed out & messed up on this one!

  • Janelle

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  • Delilia

    Haha what a fuckin' piss take. good luck with that America! lol hahahaha :')

  • Craig

    I love how everybody is trippin as if somebody gave "Harry Potter America" the greenlight and said "use any actor you want". This is FANTASY. Get over it. I really love the idea of Anjelica Huston as Professor McGonagall but I have to say that most everybody else is just an american look-a-like of the british actor. I rolled my eyes when I saw Zac Effron as Cedric Diggory but as far as american golden boys go, he's the only choice. Personally, I've always thought that Angelina Jolie would have made a great Bellatrix Lestrange if hair and make up dirtied and crazied her up and all I see is Narcissa Malfoy when I look at Gwen Stefani.

  • Antonia

    Are you insane? Harry Potter is ONE and ONLY!! If anyone even tries to remake it, I'll send him straight to hell!! Nobody touches Harry Potter! You will NOT ruin the best thing created by human hands, you hear me?! Harry Potter - american?? HELL NO!! Jesus Christ.. this has to be the dumbest idea I've ever heard -.-

  • Emily Kathryn Jackson
    Emily Kathryn Jackson

    This would be the most awful movie series EVER in the history of film! Never EVER make an American version of this! America...what is wrong with you?! You think you can do everything but there are just some things you need to leave be!!!!! Signed, ANGRY Harry Potter fan who would hate American film industry if they did this (i.e. Warner Bros.)

  • Kim

    the only one i kind of like is dick van dyke as dumbledore. but guys this was only done in fun. just an interesting look at how it may have been different if the studios went dumb :P. relax! a lot of them were really not good choices, but some were alright. I could see where they may have gotten that. The original casting of HP were pretty much perfect. I hope against hope there will never be a reboot, American or otherwise.

  • K

    I hope this is a joke...the only reason u ppl are doing this is for the money I bet this series wont make even as much as twilight and that's saying something! Btw if u think ur gunna make alot of money scroll through r These few comments.. Not 1 supporter!

  • Jess

    Wow. You have a LOT of faith in the powers of the Celebuzz writing staff. I mean, it's actually quite touching.

  • Cassie

    This would be awful! They just put every Disney actor into this and I mean, Selena Gomez as Moaning Myrtle? PLEASE NO. Plus, Ed is british you numpties.

  • jess

    This is literally, the worst thing I've ever seen in my life.

  • Pissed Off
    Pissed Off

    This is absolutely retarded. I'm American and I have officially lost respect for anyone who even thought of this. I would never replace harry potter,and if my country ever tries to do anything like this, I will boycott the movies every single day.

  • Ashley Greer-Scharnagl
    Ashley Greer-Scharnagl

    Tell me this is a fucking joke.

  • Jessica

    um LMAO i would never be able to take the 'american' reboot seriously. I'd just be like omg thats zach galifianakis. All the boys from gossip girl & zac efron are there too why is the cast so stacked? This would be ridiculously weird. no one could ever replace the original cast.

  • sadsadsad

    :/ This makes my stomach hurt. Worst cast ever. I hope this was a joke

  • The Black Daughter
    The Black Daughter

    There are so many mistakes... it cannot happen. Thank god they didn't find someone to replace Gary Oldman as Sirius Black.

  • Ninjaslrgrl

    This already happened! See a A Very Potter Musical, and you will understand that it is the only acceptable American version of Harry Potter!

  • Gabby

    Oh Please. Don't honey me. I didn't say all American actors are bad. There quite a few of them that actually extremely talented, however most of those are not the ones that celebuzz included in this video. And it's not mean, if they're going to make a video like this (which is a fun idea), at least TRY to come up with American actors who would really fit the roles. Don't half ass it.

  • Harryet

    this is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. none of these people would be good in Harry Potter.

  • Victoria

    Obviously this list is just for fun, and there are plenty of American actors who could probably do a great job, but these choices are ATROCIOUS. I've been a fan of HP for a decade and probably seen hundreds of "dream cast" lists on various entertainment sites, fansites, tumblr, etc., and this is LITERALLY the worst one, by far. I don't even know how the list could have been compiled, because whoever did it certainly didn't watch the films and DEFINITELY didn't watch the movies. It's as if a person with no familiarity with HP was given pictures of the cast, and told to pick Americans who looked roughly the same age, but better-looking. I'm honestly stumped how anybody could make such an awful list.

  • Choc

    Voldemort better take over before this ever happens. Not only should none of the cast be replaced, you CAN'T EVEN replace some of them. Dan, Rupert, Emma, Alan Rickman, Evanna Lynch, Imelda Stauton; they ARE the golden trio, Snape, Luna, and Umbridge!

  • Disappointed in this world.
    Disappointed in this world.

    These picks could not be more terrible. Oh my god. If anything like this ever happens, I will give up on this world.

  • Pissed off chick
    Pissed off chick


  • Arabella


  • ForeverPotter

    This is like replacing a pure blood with a mudblood!-voldy

  • arianna


  • sofia

    I am now asking for merlin that this never happens

  • Katie

    The worst cast in the history of casts... the Americans are just going crazy that they don't have a WW phenomenon like UK does. ;D

  • Kate

    Uh, NO!

  • mailit.

    you are correct it is a joke. so your percentages are safe for today.

  • own it
    own it

    The picks were bad. And humor is subjective. some people will laugh because they are so bad and some will say....what ever it is you're saying?

  • SoJi

    This better be a damn joke! 99.9% of remakes/reboots suck balls!!!

  • darth minimall
    darth minimall

    Way to get into the spirit. Now which Klingon? Not warf cause he's been chosen. how about kahless?

  • chowder noodle
    chowder noodle

    what's funny is we won't see the movies remade but 60 yrs from now when JK's family has drunkenly run through her fortune they'll want a remake or a new release to bolster the family's coffers. Even then I can't imagine them coming to the US/any part of the continents. Unless they were offered more money here. Then her "master piece" will go from being a sacred cow to a cash cow.

  • chowder noodle
    chowder noodle

    celine dione as trelawney!

  • visible

    no one is saying the choices are good. even the people who comment back and say this is a joke. I like the crazy ones. Like miss piggie as Fleur and Kermit as harry. hey. bert and ernie as sirius and remus.

  • visible

    I don't think RPats could do it now either. He's past that.

  • abuser

    They don't. No one group does. The real actors who got the roles... were from all over the area the author wanted. no one in the US or anywhere on the North/South American continents is trying to remake it. it's just a crazy/drunken wish list by a writer who gets paid to write tiny little articles.

  • Viki

    lmao, this is a joke right?

  • Willow Trelawni
    Willow Trelawni

    prof. minerva mcgonagall is fine as it is, for me it would be an insult thinking he would be replaced by some,.. urgh.. and also.. prof. severus snape.. urgh!!

  • Kate

    And last comment from me- I love all the comments telling people to not take it seriously, and yet they clicked on this page about celebrities, bothered to read the comments, and answer them. I think most people got it that it was simply hypothetical... it's just negative post after negative post looks like people are obsessing. I personally just comment a lot when I bother commenting on things at all.

  • Kate

    No. So far I haven't seen half the talent in Zach that I've seen in Robert, and I'm well aware of how little regarded many feel about Robert. Plus, Zach has a confidence/arrogance about him that doesn't work for Cedric at all.

  • Kate

    A Klingon would make more sense... :P

  • Kate

    Go to bed? Too difficult for her? And that's not insulting? wow... Why have a comments board if they didn't want real opinions? The choices really suck. I'm sure they were well aware how devoted and obsessed Potter fans are.

  • Kate

    I would have a sense of humor about it, except the picks are just that bad, so it's not funny.

  • Kate

    I agree. I'm American. and ICK! If they even want to come close, they'd have to do a national search for unknowns just like they did with the original cast, plus, to have it be remotely justifiable, you'd need an American version of the stories, as well, which won't happen. Harry Potter IS UK. Maybe one American in a big role might have been disguised if they could really do a good accent, and I mean, REALLY WELL, but an entire cast? Ugh. No. I'll repeat what everyone else said.

  • PatronusWing

    EPIC Fail!

  • so sad
    so sad

    Gaby honey, go to bed. This is too difficult for you. Clearly if things don't go your way you insult people. Not all American actors are bad. Not all American actors are good. I'm shocked at how mean some of you people are. I would say this isn't religion or politics so no need to be angry. But maybe I'm wrong to some of you it is a religion.

  • so sad
    so sad

    sigh. This whole article was a joke. No one in your entire life time will remake Harry Pothead. No one thinks that it could have been made better by Africans, Brazilians, or Russians. Some made a joke. Like what if the entire series was made by klingons. Wouldn't warf make a great snape.

  • Gabby

    I would definitely not fall in love with the characters if these actors had been cast. The characters are brilliant, but the actors they cast were perfect for the parts. If they had cast someone terrible (like some of these American actors), then it would have ruined the films and they wouldn't have been as successful.

  • Gabby

    All this video accomplished was to re-establish just how BRILLIANT/TALENTED the UK actors are compared to the American counterparts. And Angelica Houston and Ed Westwick are not American.

  • michele

    yes, i find misha's comment gross to!!!!!

  • Gabby


  • weind sheir
    weind sheir

    good idea.

  • cremshaw

    yes this is a joke. Thank God someone said it out loud! Joke, joke, joke. Like many other blurbs! Joke.

  • Ames

    Everyone needs to relax? If they did do it like this, you would fall in love with the characters, so calm down..it's not gonna happen, and is not being rebooted, do you guys even read the story? I disagree with Harry though, horrible choice..and who would play them as kids..?

  • Sam

    Really? This is a joke right? This would be an insult to Harry Potter and JKRowling. I hope this NEVER happens.

  • Hannah

    Wow this is the worst casting list I've ever seen. Most of these actors would not fit the roles at all and it seems like the majority of your choices were just based on how similar your new actor looks like the original one. Lame.....

  • Hannah

    Agreed about how these actors could never do better than original cast, but actors dye their hair all the time for roles, so it wouldn't really matter if the Weasley actors were ginger or not. The Phelps twins aren't naturally ginger, for example, and Tom Felton isn't that bleach blonde in real life either.

  • Miada


  • Misha

    Seriously though, I threw up in my mouth a little.

  • Misha

    Why would anyone think this would be a good idea? Kindly remove yourself from our fandom, celebuzz. And by the way, to everyone that commented saying things like 'fuck off Americans,' no Harry Potter fan regardless of where they're from would EVER be okay with this, and this is coming from someone who has lived in the US her entire life. We're not all idiots.

  • sail away
    sail away


  • joker85

    You caught us. It's a good thing this isn't a joke or a little bit of whimsy on our part. we'll stop now and i'll set about taking down any other articles that go against your views of the world. Can you list them for me?

  • voldemort bitch
    voldemort bitch

    Omfg, who will be hermione, kim kardashian? for fucks sake Americans, fuck off.

  • janitor's kid
    janitor's kid

    Wow way to stereotype people. keep up the tolerance you've got going there. Thanks "M"

  • little monkey
    little monkey

    Thankfully no one is thinking of doing that. just a spot of fun. @follow i say benedict cumberbatch as sirius black and martin freeman as lupin!

  • M

    Remaking the movies would be an absolutely terrible idea. Dan, Rupert and Emma ARE Harry, Ron and Hermione. I'm not saying I don't wish some parts were different, but that's what the books are for! Also, It's a British story, so it's British actors. Plus I'm pretty sure any American director is gonna make up random sex scenes and turn gillyweed into an illegal drug. No thanks. =]

  • lbd little black dress
    lbd little black dress


  • follow along
    follow along

    I think they thought it would be fun when they started but coudn't think of anyone but the people who played the characters having the same roles. The casting directors did a splenderic job. I never even liked the second dumbly because the first one hit all my buttons.

  • follow along
    follow along

    Aww come on marge you can do it. Pick some one. how about....terri hatcher as tonks?! she's long in the tooth but this is fun.

  • worstlistever

    Unlike some, I understand this is just for 'funzies' but besides jon hamm, kristin wiig and steve buscemi this list is horrrific. selena gomez? COME ON! and how could you leave off the suggestion of johnny depp as sirius black, one of the only americans who could possibly do a harry part justice (not that anyone could replace oldman, so potter people don't freak out, i'm one of you) p.s. Ed Westwick IS british, idiots.

  • Benedict Arnold
    Benedict Arnold

    As an American, so am I.

  • Alec

    Thank the goddess you pointed that out! I feel much more informed.

  • Marge Miller
    Marge Miller

    this wouldn't work. It's not just the way they look, but their mannerisms and the way the speak.

  • Michael

    Joe peschi = Mundungus Fletcher

  • king of everything
    king of everything

    Okay-- close your eyes.

  • follow along
    follow along

    Let's make our own crazy dream cast. I'll start. How about simon pegg and nick frost as the weasley twins!

  • jetsetter

    They don't actually want to make any changes.

  • joker85

    why so serious? ;)

  • wild mass guessing
    wild mass guessing

    I heard American's eat babies, too!

  • slasher12

    I like my zefron to look a little more like a girl. I'm not liking that picture. Also draco needs to be some one prettier. we gotta have something to slash.

  • Lora

    Whoa some of those people look freakishly similar. Favorite recast - ZEfron for RPatz. Fantastic.

  • Rosie Díaz
    Rosie Díaz

    Most awful list ever made. Absolutely horrible.

  • carrie

    All I can say is thank God Celebuzz was NOT in charge of casting for Harry Potter. This was HORRENDOUS.

  • Mama Wabs
    Mama Wabs

    I can't understand, for the life of me, why you would pick such AWFUL people for this? And WHY would you want to remake Harry Potter in the first place? It is such an amazing series and the people they chose for the movies actually suited the characters. Just...take this away. Make it go away. Please.

  • LJD

    What the Cornelius Fudge is this crap? Brad Pitt as Lupin? Jane Lynch as Umbridge? ____ as _____? Come on. This entire list was bull.

  • Hillarie

    Ed Westwick is British. Just saying. And seriously, take this down. Nobody likes it.

  • senseofhumorplease?

    That was the only one i considered at first. Now I can't even see it. If i were recasting it....nope i just draw a blank.

  • lookmaimontv!

    Wow. Spaniards really like Harry Potter! They come to see the movies in droves. They did an article on who would fill the roles if the movie was done by Spaniards. I say penelope cruz for trelawney. Does that offend you less.

  • HelloKitty

    Doing this just for fun is ok.....but at least pick actors WHO CAN ACT....most of the American actors picked were because of look similarities...Charlie Sheen...really??!! The one I liked was Jane Lynch...the others suck! 'specially Brad Pitt as Lupin!!!

  • senseofhumorplease?

    Ummm. They were kidding. Don't get your panties in a twist. NO one is talking about remaking it. It's just a wacky look at what if. If they were serious they would have suggested better or more appropriate actors. Yeesh!

  • guest

    I just vomited. If this ever happens I'm Avada Kedavraing myself.

  • Missy

    Oh Hell No...Barry Trotter film maybe, Harry Potter film never.

  • ramaloki

    As an American, I am disgusted with this. These were the worst picks ever! I think they were going for similar looks over acting skills. Just wow..no. Never remake Harry Potter. It's perfect how it is!

  • Selumgirl

    Hence the reason Harry Potter was done in the UK... Seriously, have these people read the books???

  • whatever

    one of the things i always liked about the hp movies is that most of the actors weren't chosen because they're "hot", but because they're GOOD ACTORS! so if we were to keep that same spirit, it would have to be the SAME in an american version!

  • Guest

    You have got to be joking. None of these American actors would be able to do these beloved characters justice. I am appalled that anyone would want to upset a franchise that has acquired many dedicated fans.

  • Ashleigh

    This will be a fail. No one can replace a legacy

  • Babar Suhail
    Babar Suhail

    You should jump off a cliff for even thinking something like this.

  • Willow Trelawni
    Willow Trelawni

    This crap is ridiculous!!

  • Mara

    Rebooting harry potter is a terrible idea!! Now that its d most syccessful franchise of all time we americans want it to be ours.. Thats just pathetic!

  • LJ

    No. No. No. Horrible choices all around, and I say that as an American myself. I do NOT want to see Harry Potter remade with American actors. The cast is perfect as is; no need to remake/recast.

  • amy

    Jesus Christ, America, stop remaking every goddamned thing. Leave Harry Potter the fuck alone.

  • Tumblr User
    Tumblr User

    Why do us Americans always have to get the glory? The Harry Potter cast can never be replaced. Who the heck could act as good as Dan, Emma, and Rupert? Leave Harry Potter alone, please.

  • KatieK

    eww. Why does everything have to be replaced with Americans? And I say this as one. JKR already said it is never going to happen and thank god for that. It's supposed to be british leave it alone! Your choices really suck anyway. Like, the dude from superbad? really?

  • lolwatisdis

    You can tell whoever picked these (Wes Ferguson?) loves Lupin, ships Ron/Hermione and hates Harry.

  • Delilah

    celebuzz did not know charisma in fitting in the characters ... Harry potter british casts were much more FANTASTIC then the ones the celebuzz pick .... Celebuzz the characters they pick were just so WRONG & non- of the weasley family are Ginger !! soo wrong wrong wrong .....

  • Jessica Marie Hodges
    Jessica Marie Hodges

    Just... no.

  • Cecily

    Dear God, please let this NEVER happen.

  • lol

    fail! ed is british ...