Charlie Sheen Expects to Return to ‘Two and a Half Men’

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He may have been down, but he doesn’t think he’s out. Charlie Sheen showed up on the TODAY show Friday morning clean shaven and looking healthier than we’ve seen him in years, talking about what’s next for him after he was let go from his hit CBS show Two and a Half Men. 

In addition to his Comedy Central roast coincedentally airing the same night as the premiere of Men with Sheen’s replacement Ashton Kutcher, the actor disclosing to Matt Lauer that he’s planning a movie and even in talks about a TV show. But will he watch the new Men, and will he return to the show? Sheen says yes and yes. 

“Of course I will (watch ‘Men’),” the actor told Lauer. “I’m also really curious about what happened to me. Because I don’t look at it just as what they’re doing forward, I look at it as what I left behind for them to continue, and how they’re going to figure all that out. So really, my hat’s off to them, if they can pull it off.”

Sheen added that there’s no body at the funeral so he’s sure he can still guest star on the show, and perhaps even show up at the series finale. 

Looking back at his rants and raves earlier this year, Sheen says he didn’t really think the show would fire the main character. “I thought for sure that, ‘oh they can’t do this without me,'” he admits. “I mean come on, you know the show’s about this guy … they create a show about a guy who was a partier, that guy starts partying and gets fired. It’s like, make up your minds, people.”

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Before concluding the interview, Sheen did give a promise to the public and his fans. “I’m not going to let (the fans) down. I’m not going to let them down when they put down money for a ticket or if they turn to the channel that I’m on, that I’m going to continue to deliver the things that have kept them interested the past three decades.”