Charlie Sheen Expects to Return to 'Two and a Half Men'

Sheen on Kutcher
Charlie Sheen on Ashton Kutcher
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He may have been down, but he doesn't think he's out. Charlie Sheen showed up on the TODAY show Friday morning clean shaven and looking healthier than we've seen him in years, talking about what's next for him after he was let go from his hit CBS show Two and a Half Men. 

In addition to his Comedy Central roast coincedentally airing the same night as the premiere of Men with Sheen's replacement Ashton Kutcher, the actor disclosing to Matt Lauer that he's planning a movie and even in talks about a TV show. But will he watch the new Men, and will he return to the show? Sheen says yes and yes. 

"Of course I will (watch 'Men')," the actor told Lauer. "I'm also really curious about what happened to me. Because I don't look at it just as what they're doing forward, I look at it as what I left behind for them to continue, and how they're going to figure all that out. So really, my hat's off to them, if they can pull it off."
Sheen added that there's no body at the funeral so he's sure he can still guest star on the show, and perhaps even show up at the series finale. 

Looking back at his rants and raves earlier this year, Sheen says he didn't really think the show would fire the main character. "I thought for sure that, 'oh they can’t do this without me,'" he admits. "I mean come on, you know the show’s about this guy ... they create a show about a guy who was a partier, that guy starts partying and gets fired. It’s like, make up your minds, people."

What do you think? Can the show go on without him? Sound off in the comments!

Before concluding the interview, Sheen did give a promise to the public and his fans. "I'm not going to let (the fans) down. I'm not going to let them down when they put down money for a ticket or if they turn to the channel that I'm on, that I'm going to continue to deliver the things that have kept them interested the past three decades."

Sheen on TODAY
Charlie Sheen 'Today' Interview
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  • caroline

    i like the new series but have to admit its just not the same without charlie sheen i watch tyhe older ones and laugh more he is a credit to the part

  • teesha mutia
    teesha mutia

    Wow! You know it is like having peanut butter without the jelly, it is not going to work. Charlie is the peanut butter is this case and the other characters are just the jelly. With that said, bring Charlie back! How can Ashton replace Charlie "Sheen" and what is up with that facial hair? He looks like Harry from Harry and Hendersons. After trying to watch the new episodes of Two and Half Men I refuse to give this show anymore of my ratings. Fire Ashton, no one likes him. Where did you find him at Chuck? Was he outside next to the dumpster trying to find his clothes that Demi threw out? Why, because he looks like a clean hobo.

  • Bill Carey
    Bill Carey

    I agree100%, if you cant bring Charlie home, cancel the show, it sucks big time!!!

  • Bill Carey
    Bill Carey

    I absolutely loved the old show, hate the new, allen and ashton, you guys have really turned my evenings into nothing more than crap when it comes to Two And A Half Men, if you ask me it should be renamed to Two And A Half losers. I have been a loyal fan since the beginning, now like the rest of the world you have me thinking WTF Chuck. Its totally not the same without Charlie, aint even slightly amusing. I think Charlie should return and ashton and allen can move out and become a happily married couple. I hope you are all happy with yourselves.

  • Scott

    Come on Chuck Lorre, suck it up. Be a man, Sheen needs to be a man. Put your hard heads aside and figure out a way to keep this show at it's #1 status. Right now we as viewers are trying to figure this out and how Ashton is gonna fit in. I miss Charlie, he is the show. Come on Chuck do it!

  • Eva Galarza
    Eva Galarza

    The show isn't same Allen needs to come out of the closet already and Charlie needs to be brought back a for kurtcher he's good he's funny but Charlie is the show ....

  • Max

    Not necessarily. First of all - there's no body presented and the only witness (and possibly main cause) of Charlie's death is Rose. Hence, there are many ways to bring him back: - Charlie has planned the whole thing and talked Rose into making his getaway work out. - Rose killed the wrong guy and Charlie used this situation to have a break from Malibu, family and friends. - etc, etc, etc.

  • Riley Cascagnette
    Riley Cascagnette

    The show is awful now. Kutcher doesn't cut it. If they do bring Charlie back, it should be from Alan having a dream. And when he wakes up, Charlie comes down the stairs and he's going to get a drink after he nailed some chick. Its the best way to bring him into the show.

  • Michael Catanzarite
    Michael Catanzarite

    Seriously, Kutcher is fabulouts...In That 70's Show, that's where he belongs. This show, Two and a half men, was made with Charlie, aired for years, they really need to get him back on air, he's cleaned his act up quite a bit, thus even the fact they said he's looking clean and healthier than he has in years, he blew it hardcore, but everyone deserves a second chance. Not to mention, people are losing interest in this show rapidly due to the lack of comedy, i mean, the guy in the past 2 shows now runs around the house naked, i mean it was funny at first, but its like nothing new has really occured. Bring the sheen back.

  • Scionic

    The show is doomed without Charlie. I gave it an honest try, but Kutcher just doesn't cut it. No matter what the line, Charlie's deliveries were always spot on. The chemistry is gone and unless Kutcher's character evolves rapidly into someone stronger, the show is going to go down for the count. Having two wimpish inept main characters isn't the answer. Bring back Charlie I say.

  • gail Platt
    gail Platt

    We all want Charlie back. I have watched two times now and Im done. It was a great show, with great characters. Charlie can't be replaced.

  • Rick Smoove
    Rick Smoove

    Bring Charlie Back! Kutcher Aint Charlie

  • summers

    That is not true. Matt Lauer gave Charlie a leading question regarding IF he were asked to return to THM would he. Of course Charlie said yes, why wouldn't I. Geez people, who wrote this story.

  • Mitzie James Moser
    Mitzie James Moser

    He needs to let go. It's like any relationship especially bad ones,you hold on and wish for the best. Usually never happens.