Ryan Gosling Reveals Favorite Justin Bieber Song, ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ Regrets (VIDEO)

Ryan's Funny Faces
Ryan Gosling teases the photogs.
Gosling's Wild Ride
Ryan rides a motorcycle on set of his new film.
Proving that his sense of humor is as good as his looks, Ryan Gosling recently sat down with MTV’s Josh Horowitz, during which they discussed everything from Justin Bieber to, yep, flannel underpants.

In just under two minutes, we learned that Gosling is a fan of Justin Bieber’s Baby, that he feels he betrayed Canada by appearing on The Mickey Mouse Club and that he wants to make babies with a Canadian woman to, you know, keep the Canadian blood alive.

Given that the interview began with Gosling saying, “Hey, Girl!”, an obvious nod to the popular Tumblr, odds are nothing he said in this Canadian-filled interview was actually serious. But it’s still pretty funny, eh?

Check it out now.

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