Ryan Gosling Talks ‘Two Greatest Girlfriends,’ Wants to be ‘Making Babies’

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Ryan Gosling blames his A-list acting career for his breakups from his two “greatest girlfriends”, presumably Rachel McAdams and Sandra Bullock.

He told UK newspaper The Times

“I had two of the greatest girlfriends of all time. I haven’t met anybody who could top them. … Showbusiness is the bad guy. When both people are in show business it’s too much show business. It takes all of the light, so nothing else can grow.”

As for his relationship status…

“There’s interest but I’m in a committed relationship with film. I’m giving as much to it as a marriage.”

However ladies, the 30-year-old star isn’t opposed to the idea of marriage and family. He told The Times, “I’d like to be making babies but I’m not, so I’m making movies. When someone comes along I don’t think I’ll be able to do both and I’m fine with that. I’ll make movies until I make babies. I have no idea when the handover will happen.”

In the meantime, he’s making movies with fellow bachelors like George Clooney in his upcoming film Ides of March. He told NY Magazine of his sexy costar’s directing skills:

“I can only kind of compare it to seeing Michael Jackson in This Is It, where he’s trying to explain to a keyboard player how to play a certain part and the keyboard player isn’t getting it right, and Mike Jackson just knows exactly how he wants this part played, even in the see of other parts being played, he can pick that out. That’s kind of what George is like. He’s like Michael Jackson, basically.”

Ryan’s latest movie Drive hits theaters today, Sept. 16. 

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