Taylor Lautner on Being the Next Tom Cruise: It’s ‘Intimidating’

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Can’t give away any spoilers, but trust us, Abduction is a must see! Taylor Lautner stars in the action packed film, and proves those Tom Cruise comparisons are not off base. Celebuzz caught up with Taylor at the Abduction junket on Friday, and asked what he thinks of the comparisons.

“It’s a little intimidating,” Lautner told us, smiling. “I mean Tom Cruise is probably number one on my list and always has been. I’ve looked up to him since I was really young.”

“I think the biggest reason I’ve looked up to him is just his career choices,” continued Taylor. “He’s always continued to challenge himself and to do different things, from Risky Business, to Top Gun, to Jerry Maguire, to Born on the Fourth of July. The variety in those roles and genres is absolutely insane.”

“That’s what I admire about him the most. That’s my goal- to be able to challenge myself like he did. If I end up with a tenth of the career that guy is had I’ll be completely happy,” finished T.

So has he met Cruise?

“The first time I met [Tom] he was in his Les Grossman outfit,” Lautner told reporters. “We filmed this thing for the opening of the MTV Movie Awards a few years ago. It was kind of weird for me to meet my idol Tom Cruise when he’s bald, and in this giant fat suit. It was kind of weird!”

Still, even as Les Grossman, Taylor said he admired Tom.

“I had the time of my life with SNL where I got to dress up as a girl, and like dress up as this foreign blond popstar,” laughed Lautner. “Playing these weird roles like he did with that, I have a lot of fun doing that.”

As for what Taylor’s next film project will be, he said he will be deciding between a couple things very soon. .

In the meantime check out Lautner kick some ass in Abduction, out September 23.