Taylor Lautner Responds to Brad Pitt’s ‘Sharkboy’ Comments!

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Brad Pitt certainly has made waves this week with his Jennifer Aniston remarks, but one of Hollywood’s original vampires also admitted to Entertainment Weekly he didn’t know much about Twilight.

“Listen, because of my kids, I see only movies for 10 and under. I’ve seen them all, and I’ve seen them 10 times over.” But, Brad does know Taylor Lautner from a certain kid-friendly movie that’s in the Brangelina household.

Sharkboy and Lavagirl? That’s a great movie,” Brad told the magazine. “Which one is he? Sharkboy? The guy that’s always photographed with his shirt off—is that the guy? That’s Sharkboy? Wow. I had no idea.”

Celebuzz caught up with Lautner at the Abduction junket Friday and told him that Pitt is a fan of his work…but not as Jacob from Twilight! Here was his reaction:

“I’m picturing Brad Pitt watching this and dying,” Lautner told us laughing. “It’s a fixture for his kids, I’m assuming.”

Not exactly, we replied, telling Taylor that Brad himself said it was a “great movie.”

“That is hilarious! That is awesome. I couldn’t picture Brad Pitt watching Twilight, but I also couldn’t picture him watching Sharkboy and Lavagirl. That is pretty cool. Like actually pretty cool.”

Hey, if the two ever run into each other they definitely have something to talk about!

Celebuzz has a whole lot more more Abduction and Lautner goodness coming your way, so keep checking back! And just because, check out Taylor in all of his Sharkboy glory: