The Many Lovable Faces of Louis Bullock (PHOTOS)

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We rarely see Sandra Bullock flying solo these days as she's joined at the hip (quite literally) to her main man, Louis Bullock! Sandra's adorable tot  has us oohing and aahing over his ultra adorable getups and all his little looks he makes when he's caught on camera!

It has been almost two years since Sandra, 47, adopted Louis and this little tot has been around the world already with his superstar mommy! We spotted Louis in and out of LAX countless times in his teeny tiny Nikes as he clings to his super mom. 

Rumors have been flying around that Sandra and her old pal, Ryan Reynolds could possibly be a little more than freinds these days! Ryan was spotted spending a lot of time with Sandra and Louis while vacationing in Wyoming and the two have even been seen leaving at one another's houses back in Hollywood!

We think Ryan would be the perfect addition to Sandra and Louis' little family!  What do you think of the Ryan and Sandra couple? Is it too soon for both of them, or do you think the time is right? Share your thoughts in the comments below and be sure so check us out on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr for all the latest news on your favorite celebs!



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  • Pam

    This child never smiles. Keep watch for a future diagnosis of autism. There's something wrong with this boy and no one is brave enough to say it.

  • mjm

    He is smiling all the time. Just follow him daily Last year he was serious but 2012 he is comfortable in front of the cameras and smiling all the time- not in this pic but in many others. He is a happy beautiful baby

  • Napoupi

    That child looks constantly unhappy. Never seen him smile in a pic.

  • Sheilagh Lesarge
    Sheilagh Lesarge

    Hes Adorable~Love Him!!!!Such a cuteee!!!

  • Amani Deen
    Amani Deen

    Black pet??? you are despicable this is a child you sick person.

  • XYZ

    Future gangsta/thug. The 2nd and 3rd pic are proofs of that.

  • XYZ

    Theres no cuteness in him at all. Besides, he looks weird. Is he a dwarf or what? He never laughs, never smiles, he's not even nice, so wheres the cuteness. In stupid ppl's heads I guess. Sorry, Sandra, ur black pet just doesnt do for me.

  • hihu

    this baby is too cute for me, regardles he never smiles :D

  • mstre11

    Aww that 1st pic is jus 2 adorable!

  • guest

    damn lil man dont believe in smiling or laughter.

  • krazy girl
    krazy girl

    he sooooooo cuteeeeeeee

  • danielleakame

    lol cute

  • kewlgirl

    this is the best 1 :D

  • much_love

    too cute. i love that hat.