Hot Kates! Who’s the Hottest of Them All? (PHOTOS)

Hot Ryans!
Which one reigns supreme?
Apparently with a name like Kate or Katie comes the responsibility of looking awesome in a bikini! Click the pics for Celebuzz’s guide to the hottest Kates in Hollywood!

From Straw Dogs star Kate Bosworth to pop star Katy Perry to actress Kate Hudson, leave us a few quips and comments to let us know which same-name gal is your fave!

Here’s what some of the Kates/Katys were up to over the summer…

Kate Middleton

Over the summer, Kate came to America! The newlywed joined her husband Prince William on a trip to the states. Here she is looking sexy and sleek boarding a plane in route to the states. 

Katy Perry

Over the summer, we couldn’t get enough of the pop star’s video called “Last Friday (TGIF)” that featured a slew of celebs and Katy as a geek-chic gal. 

Kate Bosworth

The actress and her super-sexy ex Alexander Skarsgard star in a new thriller Straw Dogs, out this weekend! Check out the trailer below!

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