'Freak Bill Macy!' Lonely Island Peforms Hilarious Emmys Medley (VIDEO)

Though she's killing it as host, Glee star Jane Lynch was nearly upstaged at the 2011 Emmys by none other than The Lonely Island, who performed a hilarious - not to mention star-studded - medley of some of their best songs early on in the show.

The trio, who were made famous by their work on Saturday Night Live, had the audience in stitches with snippets from such hits as 'Jack Sparrow' and 'I Just Had Sex.' The medley also featured cameos by Michael Bolton, John Stamos, Maya Rudolph and the always-game William H. Macy, who the Lonely Island boys said they wanted to, well, "freak."

Was this the best moment from the night's telecast? We'll have the video ready for you to rewatch in a moment. In the meantime, post your thoughts on the medley in the comments below.



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  • Robin

    The Emmy's are NOT the Oscars. And didn't Justin Timberlake win an Emmy for D in a box? If he can WIN an Emmy for that, they can preform the same style and it be perfectly fine, I think. Go Loney Island!!!

  • sayimsha

    The Emmys is more of a "serious" event with a more serious crowd. Yes, this performance was absolutely HILARIOUS but I feel a performance like this is better suited for something on MTV or VH1. I don't think this performance was...Emmy material. The crowd didnt seem 100% into it. But anyway, great job to The Lonely Island!