Kristen Stewart Sports Darker Locks at London Fashion Week (PHOTOS)

Rob & Kristen's Last Day
Couple had 'amazing' last day on set Read More »

We are loving Kristen Stewart's darker 'do!

The 21-year-old actress was seen outside the Mulberry show at London fashion week over the weekend, and looked cute in a printed mini.

We're glad to see she is living it up while she is overseas!

K-Stew has been hard at work filming Snow White and the Huntsman with Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth. And of course, Robert Pattinson recently made a visit  to spend some quality time with his lady.

Check out some photos of him arriving back to LA after the trip below.

Take a look at the rest of photos of a cute K-Stew in the gallery!


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  • Annoyed

    It must be hard the life of an hater! Waking up hoping for new pics of Kristen. Bitching about her,trying to invent new false insults,but you can't so you'll say the same things. I can't wait for SWATH to have a great success,and can't wait for you haters to say that it's all Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth's merit!! How predictable you are!!

  • yashi1387

    U need medication stat ! if u think that a actress management team has the power to control everyone u really need a psychological evaluation

  • GTFO

    You really believe that, don't you? This far into the gallery you should know better.

  • AKKU

    Why the fuck are you here. Agreed you are paid by her PR team to blast people who thinks she is a shitty actress. But the fact she is a non actress who is currently acting in one epic flop called SWAT.She will need your help that time. Keep buying all advance tickets available because there will be a hell of lot to buy

  • Yasmine Bassaid
    Yasmine Bassaid

    she looks waaaay better if she would wore more feminine clothes like this!! sexaaaaaayyy

  • Yasmine Bassaid
    Yasmine Bassaid

    Wooowww she looks Flawless.

  • bibi

    if you don't like her .. why the fuck are you here?

  • Gabbie

    her role of snow white is going to consist of biting her lip, making awkward faces, looking down and playing with her hair....can't wait

  • Elena

    I looove her, She is amazing, gorgeous¡¡¡¡ Love you Kris <3

  • thuillier dany
    thuillier dany

    j adore beaucoup cette photo de kristen stewart avec ces longe cheuveux noir tres belle et sexy

  • simplydiffer

    That awkward moment when someone looks so hot you blush. And I'm black. That's really hard for me to do.

  • mayjoy

    she's dashing! matter what you haters say.........kristen will soar higher than you think!....................i love robsten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 123sudawy

    Kristen's skin tone & make up combination are flawless!!

  • crzo

    hey sandy you need glasses asap dear

  • just me
    just me

    she truly is a beautiful young women

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    Did you really just right that? You are a pathetic loser - you can look at picture and tell that someone has "little or no intelligence"? Its not a picture you are looking at - its called a mirror. I don't even feel sorry for you. I'm not even saying I'm this huge KS fan - but I am a fan of not judging people you don't know. She's an actress doing her job - you should focus on growing up and getting a life.

  • telisha

    OMG. Whoever wrote that disrespectful crap needs to seriously look in the mirror!! Kristen is beautiful! Don't hate on her for that, and ur really gonna say the girl has no talent???? What planet are u on? She's one of the best actresses out there!! Kristen by any chance u read this ignore the ignorance! You're a very talented, intelligent, and gorgeous person. Keep making movies for us love ya!!!!!!

  • Telisha Watson
    Telisha Watson

    Love love love the Color!!! Kris is gorgeous no matter what. She could rock a shaved head like Britney and still be beautiful!!!

  • Meldel MacDonald
    Meldel MacDonald

    yes Sally is insecure and jealous of Kristen , that's ugly woman do criticize the pretty one ....

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    love her & these photos > but the shoes NO WAY lOl

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    must admit < she makes for one lovely snow white ..

  • poetri

    Robert pattinson is very lucky boyfriend,find girlfriends like kristen stewart,she is a beautiful women.

  • Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel
    Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel

    At first glance, I thought she had a lighter streak where the light hits her hair. It looks cute the way it is, but a streak there would look AMAZING!!

  • Shillka

    Seriously??? Why waste your time looking at photos of her and commenting on it if you don't like her??? Do you have nothing better to do? And are you that insecure that you need to 'pay out' other people to make yourself feel good....sad sad little girl.

  • sayimsha

    The dark color makes her skin look more pasty. But overall, she still looks fine.

  • Apple Pie
    Apple Pie

    She looks so beautiful!

  • cara

    I bet you are the ugly one. Your hate towards a young woman you don't know exemplifies that. Kristen will flourish and thrive in her life while you will attract bad karma because of your negativity and hate. tsk tsk tsk...

  • cara

    I like the dress. Its a nice change for her, she looks fresh and sexy.

  • Abigail Jansen
    Abigail Jansen

    beautiful c:

  • Sarah

    Love the darker, longer hair! It suits her. Looks great! <3

  • MTA

    she's looks beautiful!!! glad to see her out and having fun!! can't wait to see her back with Rob,...she's getting prettier and prettier!!

  • bailey

    and no matter what you do Sally..youre still a jealous looser...jealous much? i bet youre ugly as a skank..poor hag!

  • Sandy

    No matter what she does to herself she's still an ugly person, with little or no intelligence/ and talent. So I say she looks nothing more than ordinary.

  • Catrina

    Go Kristen!!! Love the dress!!!

  • kaca95

    she looks hot!!!


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