Taylor Lautner: 'Breaking Dawn' is the Most Challenging Film I've Done

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Abduction came at a good time for Taylor Lautner! The heartthrob talked at the junket Friday how his new espionage thriller got him mentally and physically in shape for Breaking Dawn

"I can’t wait for everyone to see Breaking Dawn Pt. 1. You’re going to see every one of the characters in a different light than you’ve ever seen them before," Lautner said. "It’s by far the most challenging experience I’ve had as an actor."

“I filmed this right before the last two Breaking Dawn’s. [Abduction] stretched me as an actor more than I’d ever been stretched before," Taylor said. "It was perfect because in Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 my character gets so emotional and he changes so much. Now, that was by far the most I’ve ever been stretched, and it was great to kind of ease into it with Abduction."

One journalist at the roundtable asked Taylor if he ever seeks fan reactions to the films, and Lautner said fan participation is crucial.

"I haven’t heard the reaction to the trailer, I assumed it’s pretty good because I loved the trailer."

We filled T.Laut in that the fan's are very happy with it.

"It’s good to hear they are happy. They are going to be really happy with the movie, I know that," responded Taylor. "Their reactions mean everything to us because it’s them who we are making the movie for and they are the reason we are making movie number five."

As for Taylor's relationship with Twilight, he told reporters that he's not in a rush to let it go.

"I’m so close to that franchise and to that character and everyone involved, and it will be so close to me for as long as I live," said TL. "It was really emotional finishing filming."

Continued the action star:

"Whenever we finished filming before we’d be bummed, but in a couple months we’d be back filming another one. This time it wasn’t the case. It’s definitely going to be tough to let go- but for the next year and a half we can talk about it and promote it together. When it’s all said and done it will be weird."

Catch Taylor in Abduction out September 23 and Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 out November 18!

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  • Vmber22

    As a fan of the book series before it became popular and then into these unforgettable movie sequels I have to say I am impressed:) I at first was skeptical because I didn't like the differences between the book and the movies but honestly they have grown on me and I respect each character more because with each new movie they are bringing it more to life than I imagined!!! I stopped reading the last of the 3rd never got to read the 4th but when the movies started coming out gives me motivation to finish them!!! Thanks for doing a wonderful job twilight crew I'm so excited for breaking dawn I'm taking that day off work just to see it Love U Guys! !!!!!!! Amber H

  • stephanie

    Can't Wait For This Moviee!!! November 18 come fast!!!!<3

  • kelli

    i love you taylor lautner will you marry me

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    I can't wait till dis movie. Come ouy