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Welcome to Celebuzz‘s latest feature, Cause Creative Space. We teamed up with the folks behind Avan Jogia‘s Straight But Not Narrow campaign to give you an inside look at TV stars and how they’re giving back during TV’s most important time of year.

Did you catch last night’s Emmy Awards? In this edition of Cause Creative Space, we are offering you a chance to give back while staying true to your favorite TV shows.

We’ve matched causes that would make your favorite Emmy winning TV shows proud. We wouldn’t want you to miss another episode of your favorite show, so in that spirit, these are easy ways to give back without even leaving your couch. 

Grab your laptop, turn on your TV, and let’s get giving from the comfort of your living room, you lounging do-gooder you.

Outstanding Lead Actor from a Drama went to Kyle Chandler of Friday Night Lights. We don’t know about you, but there’s nothing quite like football to get you up on your feet and cheering. Wait, rock ‘n roll does that too. Here’s a simple equation — Alice in Chains, plus Fantasy Football, equals charity? Well, it does now! Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell has rounded up a few of music legends to each donate one valuable item which will be auctioned off. The winner of his third annual Alice in Chains and Friends Fantasy Football Charity League gets to choose the charity beneficiary of the auction! Now THAT’S a cool prize. Auction details will be up soon. For more information, click here!

Jim Parson’s every one’s favorite Big Bang Theory nerd and Outstanding Lead Actor from a comedy would be happy to hear that robots are not only used for Skynet! Real life genius Tim Pryde, 21, developed a robot used to encourage people to give back! Meet Don-8r (get it? Donater). This lovable robot is run by donations and can say “Hello” and “Thank You” to passersby. During the next commercial
break, check out this awesome YouTube clip of the charming chap and be on the lookout for a street corner near you!

Outstanding Drama Series went to the show that makes us want to dress up just a bit more after watching each episode — Mad Men. If you’ve got an extra 23 grand to donate to your favorite charity, you’ll earn yourself a walk on role in Season 5. Men, before you lay down the dough on our favorite online auction site,, please note you must be willing you cut your hair and shave off your facial hair. All in the name of doing good while looking dapper. The auction benefits ACLU of Southern California.

If dropping $23K seems a bit steep, take the Modern Family route of giving. MF took over the Emmy’s with five wins including Outstanding Comedy Series. Since we aren’t all lucky enough to be a part of Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s family, we’ll just settle with joining him on FriendFactor. This fancy schmancy website uses an innovative technology platform to galvanize change in the fight for equality. Check out Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Best Wedding Gift Ever YouTube clip which was filmed a few months back for the big vote in New York on marriage equality. Sign up at if you’d like to get involved.

Great TV and Great Causes.  Now that’s what we call Outstanding.