Jennifer Lopez Releases Music Video for ‘Papi’ (VIDEO)

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Newly single Jennifer Lopez has men literally fighting for her affections in the music video for her brand-new single, Papi.

Indeed, men are seen beating each other up, riding on horses and crashing through cafe windows in an attempt to catch the eye of the American Idol judge after she eats some type of magical heart cookie given to her by her landlord. In other words: a pretty typical day for the 42-year-old beauty.

Sure, the video has its fair share of question marks; how, for example, did she get all the way from New York to Los Angeles in that tiny car? Still, we’ll admit the single itself is pretty catchy, and worth checking out.

Do you agree? Watch the music video for Papi now, then tell us: Will this be her next top 10 hit? Or will it miss the charts completely?