Jonathan Kite Talks Fake Accent and ‘2 Broke Girls’

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Do opposites really attract? CBS is placing their bets that audiences will be pulled into their new show 2 Broke Girls, which pits a modern day odd couple against each other in a Brooklyn diner. 

Jonathan Kite is on tap as the guy in the middle — a Russian cook called Oleg.

I play the chef at the diner,” he tells Celebuzz. “I have a full Russian accent — or will until they tell me to stop.”

Although he does have some Eastern European heritage, Jonathan does not speak with an accent. Still, he does have something in common with his character; his dish pan hands! 

“I used to have Oleg’s job,” he says. “That’s what I did during my summer’s during college. It’s like a walk down memory lane.”

As for his role, he says, “There’s something very charming about cooks, because they get away with a lot of sexual references … the way I talk to Kat [Dennings, who plays Max] I’ve seen that happen in restaurants. There’s a charm about them being foreign, which is what I like about [Oleg]. There’s a looseness in Europe that just isn’t in America … he’s very sex oriented, very sex driven, but there’s something charming about him.” 

2 Broke Girls debuts tonight on CBS.