Matt Bomer on Marriage Equality Debate: Sad and Unnecessary

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Rising star Matt Bomer isn’t shy about expressing his thoughts on gay marriage, saying the debate is “sad and unnecessary.” The actor has taken on a new project that tackles the controversial topic, and speaks out to The Advocate about his role.

He says he took the part in Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black’s new play 8 without even reading the script: “I was asked to be a part of the project about a month ago, and I immediately said yes before I even read the play. I think Joe Mantello and Lance Black are both incredibly talented; but more importantly, it was to raise money for an incredibly important cause.”

Not only does he support the cause, but feels he will see a change in his lifetime. 

He tells the mag: It’s sad that in 2011 we even have to discuss the fight for marriage equality in the United States. How can we say that we’re a country that grants liberty and justice for all, and yet denies same-sex couples the right to marry? I feel that the generations to come will view this time period in terms of civil rights for the LGBT community as pretty sad and unnecessary. And I know that in my lifetime, everyone American will have the right to legally marry the person they choose and that it will be recognized federally as well as by the state.

Matt is currently filming White Collar and has also signed on to do Magic Mike with Alex PettyferMatthew McConaughey and Joe Manganiello.

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