Ryan Gosling Gives His Huge Pooch George a Boost (PHOTOS)

Ryan's Funny Faces
Ryan Gosling teases the photogs.
Just when you think Ryan Gosling has totally exhausted all of the things that make him utterly adorable and irresistible, a new set of photos — this time of him giving a helping hand to his dog — comes out and melts your heart all over again.

While his movie Drive was getting all sorts of Oscar buzz during its opening weekend, Gosling was spotted in Los Angeles’ infamous celeb dog playground Runyon Canyon with his huge and aging pooch George. When the happy duo got back to Gosling’s SUV, old George couldn’t make the leap into the back of the truck, so Ryan scooped him up with both arms and loaded his best friend in for the ride home.

Gosling has been spotted several times giving George a lift, sometimes in the airport or up an escalator.

When he wasn’t being a great pet owner, Gosling was also on set of his upcoming movie Gangster Squad, where he was spotted in full gangster regalia — hat included.