Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Two and a Half Men’ Premiere Seen by 28 Million Viewers (VIDEO)

Ashton's Funky Suit
Ashton Kutcher rocks a crazy suit.
Ashton: Runway Walk
Ashton Kutcher gets his model on at fashion week in Brazil!
Charlie who?

Though ratings were expected to be high, Ashton Kutcher’s much-anticipated debut on Two and a Half Men Monday night still managed to shock everyone by pulling in a whopping 27.7 million viewers, making it he highest-rated episode in Men history.

If that wasn’t enough, the episode also marked a stunning 110 percent increase from last season’s premiere, helping it to destroy its main competition, Dancing With the Stars (18.6 million), which was down 24 percent from last fall.

Whether or not Ashton, who replaced Men star Charlie Sheen after Sheen made a number of disparaging comments about the show’s creator, Chuck Lorre, will be able to retain such a big audience every week remains to be seen. For now, at least, the ratings are in his favor.

Sadly, the same cannot be said of NBC’s Mad Men-esque series, The Playboy Club. The newbie series, which co-stars Amber Heard, was seen by just 5.0 million viewers. Ouch.

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