Exclusive: Jayma Mays Says Get Ready For ‘Wemma Action’ on ‘Glee’

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Season three of Glee premieres tonight (9/20), and Celebuzz caught up with the talented Jayma Mays at the Emmys on Sunday! A lot of Gleeks are rooting for Jayma’s character Emma to work past those unresolved issues with Will [Matthew Morrison], and Jayma told us that Wemma fans won’t be disappointed.

“You know what, there is a lot going on with Emma this season,” smiled Jayma when we asked what we can expect from her character. “We get to meet Emma’s parents, Valerie Mahaffey and Donny Most are playing my parents, and they are wonderful … Also, Emma is helping to co-direct the the high school musical, and she’s taking that very seriously,” continued Mays.

Okay, but we need scoop on Emma’s love life…

“Emma is also still taking medication, so that means she is working on rekindling that relationship with Will,” teased Mays. “There will definitely be some Wemma action. Yay Wemma!”

Love it! So does that mean Gwyneth Paltrow is out of her Emmy-winning guest role?

“I don’t know, that I don’t know,” Mays told us. “I never know who will pop up, Ryan [Murphy] tries to keep that a secret. Gwyneth is lovely, it’s always great when she pops up on set. But I’m all about Wemma this season!”

When Celebuzz caught up with Jane Lynch last week, she told us that her daughter Haden’s favorite character isn’t Sue Sylvester, but Jayma’s character Emma! In fact, Jane told us that Haden gets totally star struck by the gorgeous star.

“Haden is so lovely!” responded Jayma when we filled her in on our chat with Lynch. “I love her so much. Yeah, we’ll sit next to each other and she kind of gets shy on me, it’s so funny! But I’m kind of like that with Jane, so there is a circle.”

Everyone be sure to tune into the season premiere of Glee tonight at 8pm on Fox!