Exclusive: Kendall Jenner Is Ready to Hit the Runway Again! (VIDEO)

Backstage With Kendall
Behind the Scenes With Kendall Jenner at Sherri Hill
Kendall Jenner takes us behind the scenes at her runway debut. Watch »

By now you’ve seen all the photos from Kendall Jenner‘s big Fashion Week debut, and now Celebuzz has our exclusive interview with Kendall that was shot right after the Sherri Hill runway show. Coming down from the excitement and adrenaline rush, the 15-year-old model gushed about the experience and even hinted that there is lots more modeling in her future, telling us:
"It was amazing! It was my first time ever, and I had a blast. I was nervous that I would fall but it never happened. I'm really happy I did it... It was so amazing and addictive. I didn't want to stop when I was doing it."

At the show, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian sat front row and cheered for Kendall each time she hit the runway. Kendall admits she didn't get any modeling advice from her sisters -- not that she needed it. Both she and her sister Kylie Jenner, who made her catwalk debut just days earlier in Avril Lavigne‘s Abbey Dawn show, looked like seasoned pros as they hit the catwalk.

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Kendall & Kylie Video
The girls answer readers' questions! Watch »


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  • Jully White
    Jully White

    My best friend has just announced her wedding with a great man who is a cele+brity! They met-via { millionaire'luv~~c*o-m } It is nice club for rich men or pretty girls mate. You do not need to be wealthy or famous, but you can meet your true love, it's worthy a try.

  • emily

    She is Fabulous!!!!!

  • Felipe Brenda Torres
    Felipe Brenda Torres

    she looks a lot like kim hope she gose far like kim and her other two sis

  • prissy

    Whoa she is so amazing Jenner family must be very proud of her...go girls!

  • Kelly

    Sorry but they're right! Kardashians are talentless people if you like them cool its your problem but people have the right to have their own opinion there is not always nice things to say about people they are famous so they have to deal with criticism

  • Bernadette

    Kylie looks so much like khloe... Every1 in the gam got the gorgeous genes

  • Mari

    Kendall, you r going to take it the end. You rock!! Ur supportive, close and wonderful family wll always b there 4 u. We wll also be behind you 100 percent. Heart u Kendall!!

  • Connie

    Some people say the meanest things. Good luck Kendall don't listen to everything people say, especially the haters.

  • Traci

    I think individuals need to think before they type! These are young girls with feelings and stupid...uncalled for comments like the one listed above are completely not necessary! My great grandmother would always tell us...if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all. You could have given the compliment without being hurtful to someone else. Grow up and watch your choice of words...because they can be hurtful and are usually never forgotten!!!

  • Jordin

    Omg soooo agree shes way prettier than her sisters and the one in the family who really has a talent for something (modeling)... the other ones just live for fame events and deals with brands but ppl see that as a talent

  • Kate

    I think she is a true beauty. I wish her all the best in her actual career as opposed to her families NON-CAREER. Her little sister isn't eve cute and is going to have a lot to deal with her older sister success...poor homely thing!