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UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for participating!

Do you want tickets to see JoJo, Joe Jonas, and Jay Sean live in concert? Well, you're in luck!

HeartSOUL is celebrating their collaboration with JoJo by offering Celebuzz readers a chance to win a pair of tickets to each of the songstress' tour stops. Best of all, the winners will also score a meet & greet with JoJo before the show! 

Cool deal, right? Here are the shows we're offering tickets for:

Oct. 1: Tampa, FL (Venue TBD) Oct. 2: Lake Buena Vista, FL (House Of Blues) Oct. 3: Atlanta, GA (Tabernacle) Oct. 5: Silver Spring, MD (Fillmore Silver Spring)

To enter our giveaway: Follow us on Twitter and ’Like’ us on Facebook, and leave a comment below with your favorite JoJo song and the date and city of the show you’d like to win tickets to (TRANSPORTATION IS NOT PROVIDED). PLEASE NOTE: You must sign in to Celebuzz (or use Facebook to sign in) in order to comment and win.

This giveaway ends on Wednesday, September 28th at 9 AM ET.

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  • Lizbeth

    My favorite song from Jojo has to be to little too late, I been a fan of her since she started... It would mean the world to me if I were to win the tickets to go see her in the ATL, Ga Oct 3rd... She's a great inspiration in my life.. spool plz plz let me be the one....

  • elissia06

    my favorite song from jojo has to be jumping trains an disaster i cant wait for her album to come out i know its goin to be amazing ive been listen to her for like 5 years now i would love to attend the oct 1 show in tampa!!!!

  • rezantology

    all of jojo's song is my favorite but Disaster is really great! thank god, she's back! i'll attend Oct. 5: Silver Spring, MD :) xoxo, @TeamJoJoID

  • ashleyvarona

    JoJo's new single Disaster has been on repeat on my itunes since it came out! it would be such a blessing to meet her and let her know how much I enjoy her music!! My best friend is also a die hard fan of hers so it would be a nice surprise to give her tickets for the Tampa, FL show on October 1st :) Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  • Nikki Diaz Viloria
    Nikki Diaz Viloria

    My favorite jojo song is Get Out :) and I would like to win for October 1st in Tampa!

  • kmoneeeey

    my favorite song would definitely have to be How To Touch a Girl! teaches boys how to treat us ladies :p i would be so so happy if i won tickets to see her October 1st in Tampa!

  • Malcolm

    I love a song from Jojo it's called "Too little too late". Cause it's true, that's how I found out that my bf was cheating on me cause he called me from a different number. How dense can he ever get.

  • Chloe McShane
    Chloe McShane

    My favourite JoJo song would have to be Leave Get Out, for me that song never gets old, i love alof of her recent songs to like 'In The Dark' taken of her mixtape. Jojo is like my personal mentor, all of her songs in some way relate to my relationships, emotions, things i think about but cannot express in words. Are her songs, listening to Jojos voice is like therapy because when you hear the passion and deep, raw emotion in her voice anyone can instantly connect with that. Oct 2nd House of Blues

  • Vince Ybarra
    Vince Ybarra

    I am a big of JoJo, since 2004! Funny I've followed her since I was 14! Something about her appealed to me. She is an amazing artist not only for young people but 20 year old's as well. LOL her music is honest and real. I have her two albums! I have more than just one favorite song. They all are more deep than just a simple love or party song. I really love "Keep on Keepin on" on her first album. It's just a song that is sweet and full of inspirational lyrics. My next favorite is "The high road". This is probably one of my favorite songs from anyone just cause the lyrics are so powerful and honest. I could take the easy way of letting you bring me down but I won't. I will show I am mature and take the "high road". My last ultimate favorite song by her is "Note to God". It really makes you think. Makes you grateful for the things we have. I love the raw emotion on this song. It would be an honor to win tickets to see JoJo. I am a student at Sacramento City College and I don't have money to see artist's I enjoy and it's hard to enter radio contest, or any contest at all cause I'm so busy with part time work at a grocery store and school but this is easy since I seen it on Facebook. ha :) I think October 2nd in Lake Buena Vista, FL would be great! Thanks for your time, -Vince Ybarra

  • jennifer lewis
    jennifer lewis

    Hi. My favorite song is Leave Get Out. I just like the way it sounds. Maybe that's why I like all her songs. I would like tickets to Oct 2 @ House of Blues.

  • jennifer lewis
    jennifer lewis

    My favorite song is Leave Get Out. I just like the way it sounds. Maybe that why I like all her songs. I would like tickets to Oct 2 @ House of Blues.

  • Karin Neal
    Karin Neal

    I loved that song leave get out because it was very inspirational to me when I was going threw something that summer also it kinda reminded me of Aaliyah more than a women. I would like to see the oct 5 concert

  • Allyson Adams
    Allyson Adams

    "Disaster"!! -- Atlanta, GA

  • Micah Anderson
    Micah Anderson

    My favorite JoJo song is "Baby It's You" simply because it reminds me of me at a really young age when everything was simpler & music was so much cooler because you had to actually go to the store to listen to the songs/hear the music since YouTube wasn't invented yet. So basically, Nostalgia. I would LOVE tickets to the October 5th show in Silver Spring, MD (Fillmore Silver Spring)!

  • Kara Breanne Brown
    Kara Breanne Brown

    “Too Little Too Late.” is also my favorite JoJo song too! I ’d love to win tickets to the Oct. 2; Lake Buena Vista, FL House Of Blues show

  • trunoel

    My favorite JoJo song is "Too Little Too Late." Reminds me of my good ole middle school days, and even though I'm in college, it still claims a spot on my ipod :))) I'd would truly love to win tickets to the Oct. 2: Lake Buena Vista, FL (House Of Blues) show!!! I like you on facebook and I've followed you on twitter for a while now! Love these giveawaysssssss <3

  • emmy411

    My favorite Jojo song is Too Little Too Late<3!!! I would LOVE to win tickets to the Silver Spring MD show on October 5th<3 I like celebuzz on facebook and follow celebuzz on twitter:)