Inside Cody Simpson’s Album Release Party! (PHOTOS)

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If you heard the high-pitched sounds of screaming teenage girls outside of Hollywood’s Hard Rock Cafe last night, don’t be alarmed. It was just Cody Simpson’s album release party!

Kids and adults alike were lined up for Cody’s release of his first album, Coast to Coast. If you haven’t heard of the 14-year-old heartthrob that has been described as the ‘Australian Justin Bieber,’ we’re sure you will soon know all about him!

While the two teens share a few important qualities (cute, charming, singing sensations, obsession of thousands of teenage girls), Simpson stands his ground with a sound that’s different than the usual pop music.

We caught up with Cody before his special acoustic performance so we could get to know the upcoming star a little better. 

Wearing Scifen Company’s Campus Crew jacket and grey jeans, we couldn’t help but notice his casual, cool style that definitely also shows through his music. He tells us that he “loves a ‘beachy’ sound,” which probably stems from his love to surf and be on the coast. Being an Australian native, Cody says he “has loved living in Hollywood for a year, and getting to experience lots of cool things.”  

As far as celebrity crushes go, we know he is on the top of quite a few lists. However, who is at the top of his? none other than Jessica AlbaMiley Cyrus andVictoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr! When we asked if he would like to collaborate with anyone in the future, he was quick to say “Bruno Mars and Jack Johnson!”

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