Jessica Biel Rocks a Fake Baby Belly on ‘New Year’s Eve’ Set (PHOTOS)

Hot Jessicas
Who's the hottest Jessica of them all?
Jessica Biel is pregnant … very pregnant, actually, but it’s all for a movie.

Biel ditched her normally muscular figure and instead slapped on a massive prosthetic baby bump as she was out in the night filming scenes for New Year’s Eve. With a pink sweatsuit adding to her look of comfort, Biel’s toned tummy was morphed into a huge bump that stuck out from under her white tee. Hmmmm, could she possibly go into labor just before the stroke of midnight as part of her character plot in NYE? It seems logical given the girth of her baby bump in these photos.

New Year’s Eve is the latest almost-all-of-Hollywood-is-in-it megacast movies, and is a follow-up to the similarly staffed Valentine’s Day. Who else is in it, you ask? Well, to name a few: Ashton Kutcher, Sarah Jessica Parker, Josh Duhamel, Zac Efron, Lea Michele … we could go on for days, but trust us: There are a lot of celebs in this movie.