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The big day is FINALLY here… Being Kendra is officially on bookshelves!!!! YAYYYYYY!!!!! I have been counting down the minutes for the release of this book since the moment I finished writing it and I’m so excited that I can finally share it with all of you. I poured my heart and soul into Being Kendra (seriously, I held NOTHING back lol) and I feel that so many people can learn from and be inspired by my experiences. I am living proof that you can overcome your past and become the person you have always wanted to be and that’s what Being Kendra is all about.

Pick up a copy where ever books are sold or you can purchase it online!  I’m so happy that I was given this opportunity to tell my story and I can’t wait to hear what you all think :)

P.S. I have my first book signing TONIGHT at Book Revue in Huntington, NY at 6pm. Who’s coming?!??

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  • Havan

    I like Kendra. She is carefree and funny. That is why I think she is a good mom. Nobody needs a stsers out lady as a mom On the other hand, my style has improved because I refuse to let go so I make sure I have make up on and that my hair is styled. I used to wear my hair straight during my second pregnancy but now barely have time to shave my legs now so curly it is. Also, I apply my makeup at work so I can be on time. So people see me in my natural face state and then they see me with my face on Good times!!

  • Catrina Coats
    Catrina Coats

    Kendra,i also wanted too add I dont know if you reply back to all ur emails,but we would be really really really thrill to here back from you!!we live in a small town called Madison Ga.We have never missed one show,on Sundays that what we look forward too wacthing.please,please email us back!!!!

  • Catrina coats
    Catrina coats

    Hi Kendra,my baby girl and I was very pleased too hear of ur new season,we just love wacthing the show.i wish that it would last longer than it does.i think that you have a very silly personality, and dont mind being ur self,and with that it makes the show even much funnier too watch.We cant wait too watch tha show!!!Baby hank is just too cute!