Leonardo DiCaprio Ages Well in ‘J. Edgar’ Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

First Look: Leo in 'J. Edgar'
Leo starts filming the Hoover biopic.
Blake & Leo Cuddle Up
Blake & Leo share some hugs!
Leo & Bradley Take Off
Leonardo DiCaprio & Bradley Cooper fly to Cabo.
After months of anticipation, we finally get our first preview of what Leonardo DiCaprio both looks and sounds like as the controversial FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover. Leo stars in Clint Eastwood’s star-studded biopic J. Edgar, which dissects Hoover’s very public life and the behind-closed-doors secrets that would have destroyed Hoover’s image, career and life. And within the trailer, DiCaprio ages from his 30s in to his 70s — thanks to the help of make-up.

With plenty of dramatic scenes, this two minute clip seems to indicate that his role has potential Oscar nominee written all over it. What do you think? Sound off in the comments.

In a recent interview with GQ, the star reveals what drew him to working on J. Edgar.

The essence of the story is that “absolute power corrupts absolutely,” DiCaprio says. “Here’s a man who created the most advanced police force and investigation system the world has ever known … No one else had such a position of power for that long — to blackmail presidents, to wiretap political leaders, to be able to manipulate the world around him.”


Offscreen, it appears things have been heating up with Blake Lively. The two were even spotted riding bikes around New York earlier this month.