Mark Consuelos Gets ‘Dirty’ with Celebuzz! (VIDEO)

'Workaholic' Guys Get Buzz'd
Celebuzz talks to the masterminds behind the show.
Fear not, soap lovers! Although daytime dramas are near extinction, Mark Consuelos is bringing all the histrionics to a new reality series Dirty Soap.

The series (which he co-produces with wife Kelly Ripa) centers around some of daytime’s biggest stars who — surprise! — are just as dramatic in real life. 

In a video interview with Celebuzz, Mark talks about the new show and his secret weapon (hint: it’s chicken).

The former soap stud has teamed up with Hellmann’s for their Chicken Challenge. His favorite chicken recipe (Parmesan Crusted Chicken) goes head-to-head with other recipes on the Hellmann’s website every week, then fans vote on which dish wins. We’re guessing they might be voting for the chef! 

“It’s really simple,” he tells Celebuzz. “Even I can do it.” 

Although he admits he’s not the chef of the house, “we do have family meals every night. We think that’s important … to sit down with our kids and talk.”

As for his new show, he says, “being a former soap star, we’re very dramatic people. I find them very interesting … it’s going to be a fun show.”

Watch the video for more with Mark — including his thoughts on replacing Regis Philbin