Matthew Broderick Steps Out With His Twin Daughters (PHOTOS)

Matthew Broderick had bonding time with his twin daughters in New York City on Tuesday. The actor, who is a doting dad, took his two girls out for a walk in the West Village. It’s crazy how big Marion and Tabitha are getting!

The trio braved the rain and had a little bit of help from the family nanny, while wife Sarah Jessica Parker ran errands and picked up a few groceries around the city.

In Vogue‘s August issue, SJP candidly opened up about what it’s like raising two young twins (born via surrogate) at age 46, revealing that the twins "really look like" Matthew. Aww!

“Tabitha’s very, very outgoing, but physically she’s very shy. She shakes in elevators; it’s very sweet, like Bambi. And then Loretta is pale, like my husband, with piercing blue eyes. But she’s physically bold… I think it’s funny how much she looks like my husband. Except then I look at Loretta and she has my husband’s mouth and sort of sad eyes, you know the kind that go down? The Broderick eyes. They both really look like him.”

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  • Alex
    Alex about a minute into the video i'm wniderong why he's got xmas music playing instead of some kind of birthday 3 minutes in i realize he wasn't playing music at all. lol.

  • geoffm

    Wow must have actually been there to monitor every single thing he did. Too bad you're dead wrong in that he never contacted or expressed his regret to the family. It was a life altering event for everyone and Matthew Broderick absolutely handled himself with class. Too bad you can't say the same thing all these years later.

  • Jennifer

    God gave him two daughters...hmmmmmm

  • Jennifer

    Matthew Broderick killed a mother and daughter. He went the wrong way...driving. He said it was a accident...never wanted to say sorry to the family he destroyed. He was uncomfortable and confused when he drove on the right side(not use to it). This is what he said. but he did it anyway...why because he needed to get around. Well he has two daughters ...what would he say...if this happen to them???OH IT WAS AN ACCIDENT.......


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