Melissa McCarthy Bawled and Ran When She Was Named ‘SNL’ Host

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This year has been incredible for Melissa McCarthy. The breakout star of Bridesmaids just grabbed an Emmy on Sunday night for Mike & Molly — and it was announced today that she’s producing and writing a new show for CBS. On top of all that, she’s hosting Saturday Night Live next week! 

In an exclusive chat with Celebuzz, Melissa reveals that she “burst out crying” when she heard the news about SNL.

“I was out shopping with a friend,” she says. “They told me and I burst out crying so loudly — that weird kind of cry you only want to do in private — people thought I had come unglued.”

To hide from a store full of people, “I just started running,” she says. “I ran into the hanging rugs section and hid behind the rugs and cried like a baby.”

Even her friend thought something was wrong, asking if it was her husband or kids (she has two little girls). She was so overwhelmed with emotion, she says, because “I’ve watched it since the beginning. I used to sneak down and watch it when I was a little girl. It’s the holy grail … the mere thought of it, I couldn’t process it.”

As for what viewers should expect, the sketches are still being worked out. “I’m going to bring in ideas,” she says. “I have some ‘ladies’ (characters) I bring in with me — and I really want to do a digital short, but I don’t know how it all works … the other day I asked Lorne Michaels if i should be stretching and doing wind sprints to prepare.”

“I have so many friends there, it will be amazing,” she adds, “They’re all like, we’ll figure it out.”

As for winning that coveted Emmy Award, she says it was a total shocker!

“I would say if I did, [but] I didn’t see it coming. Didn’t think I had a chance in the world. My knees buckled when they called my name. Just standing up there — I was like oh my god — it was so cool and overwhelming. I was like we did it, this is amazing, and completely forgot for one moment we were there for the Emmy. I love that we were all up there together … we never rehearsed it and were never collectively talked about it — I just followed Amy [Poehler’s] lead.”