‘Real Housewives’ Taylor Armstrong’s First Interview Since Husband’s Suicide (VIDEO)

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In an emotional interview, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Taylor Armstrong tearfully talks  for the first time since her estranged husband Russell took his own life. 

She does not speak highly of her former hubby, claiming he repeatedly abused her. 

When asked about accusing him of abuse when Russell cannot defend himself, she says, “He doesn’t need my protection anymore, but there are a lot of women in this world that probably do.”

The interview airs this evening on Entertainment Tonight. In a preview of the interview, she also says he threatened to kill her. 

“He would grab me by one side of the hair on my head and bang the other side of my head against the car.” And, she says, “The first time he ever really harmed me physically, I was pregnant with Kennedy and he grabbed me by the throat and held me against a wall. … I saw his ability to go from zero to 60 that quickly. … You live your life constantly on egg shells waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

She recalls one time he  “grabbed me by the neck and shoved me up against the wall and he said, ‘If you ever make my children a pizza without a vegetable again, I’ll kill you.'”

Taylor’s emotions get the best of her when she reveals, “He would say to me, ‘I’m afraid I’m going to kill you one day.'”