Reviews Are In For Demi Lovato's Album 'Unbroken'

Demi's Skyscraper
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After a tumultuous year, the long anticipated comeback album for Demi Lovato titled Unbroken dropped Tuesday, Sept. 20. Backed by the powerful ballad "Skyscraper," Demi's latest effort is poised to do well. But just what are the critics saying about the teen queen's new release?

Thus far, reviews have been mixed to the point that two of the industry's biggest mag's have polar opposite reviews:

"There are two ways for pop stars to make a Survivor Album: either power-sing through your problems like Christina Aguilera, or make like Rihanna and dance till you forget what you're supposed to be getting over. On her first release since checking out of rehab, Demi Lovato wants to have it both ways... Clearly it's been a tough year for Lovato. But as Rihanna could tell her, sometimes bad years make great songs." B+ Melissa Maerz, Entertainment Weekly 


"On her third LP, her newfound vulnerability sometimes makes for good songs... But Unbroken is mostly sunshine and slumber-party hooks, complete with reggae doo-wop ("You're My Only Shorty") and Lovato's ditzy seductress act on "All Night Long." She's grown into her voice. Now, if only her music would grow up too." 2 stars Monica Herrera, Rolling Stone

Others have praised Demi's Unbroken for her undeniable growth:

"Instead of going too edgy or staying a Disney princess, Demi Lovato's Unbroken, which drops Tuesday, is a perfectly mature album without scaring away the teens that grew up loving the "Camp Rock" star." - Jocelyn Vena, MTV

"The girl has one killer voice, and now she finally has the A-list material to put it to good use... Demi’s doing a spectacular job, and she’s doing it without having to show some skin or sing about hooking up in a club." - Becky Bain, Idolator

The New York Times had the chance to review the album when Demi previewed most of the tracks during her performance at NYC's Hammerstein Ballroom this past Saturday, Sept. 17. Critic Jon Caramanica praised Demi's voice calling it "strong and versatile", but questions her new R&B style:

The theory goes that Colgate-bright Disney stars have to bide their time to reveal their true selves, but if anything, “Unbroken” feels more restrained than her previous albums; she’s traded her teen-pop shackles for another kind, giving herself over to the recent melding of R&B and dance music.
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  • Sarah

    I know what I look for in music, and I am usually drawn to more country styles. However, there are sometimes exceptions because of the content I look for. The music I listen to must have compelling lyrical content, a variety of style, and I have to be able to relate to it in some way, shape, or form. Famous teen singer and actress sensation Demi Lovato, and her most recent album entitled “Unbroken” started to climb to the top of the music charts in less than a month after being released. She goes above and beyond all of my expectations in an artist. “Unbroken” not only was at the top of my most liked albums of all time, but it also made a debut on “Top 100 Hits” with one of the tracks enlisted “Skyscraper.” Demi continues to grow as an artist gaining more fans each and every day. She strives as an individual by standing up for what she believes in, and inspiring others to do so as well. She makes me believe in so much more than I would without her music, and that to me, is certainly a powerful thing. Her use of compelling lyrical content, variety of styles of music and her ability to make others relatable to her keep her name strong in the music business - and strong in my list of favorite artists of all time.

  • Musicfan

    Obviously there are going to be mixed views on this album, as it's so far away from Demi Lovato's usual efforts. Some might disagree, but personally, I think with her last albums there was too much of a consistent theme and we could almost predict what was coming up. Hesitantly I decided to give this album a go, and actually liked what I heard. Opening with "All Night Long" was a brilliant surprise, and it made me want to listen to every single song on the album. Her effort, was a good one at that! Working with celebrities such as Missy Elliot, Jason Derulo, Timbaland and Iyaz. She really pushed her boundaries on this album, and I think she excelled in what she tried. I like that she has been able to grow, in confidence and in her music to put her points across; whether it's sarcastic, meaningful or a little controversial. She has a real sex appeal, without the need to take her clothes off. For example "Hey stranger, I'm addicted to the danger of your touch. Now you're wanted, better keep me as your hostage. Tie me up". And, "I can see us making ways, from the back of the club to a bed in the shade." I'm a little disappointed though, with everyones critisism implying she should be a little more like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears. She is proving to be one of the best teen artists around right now, and she has the potential to grow without the need of exploiting herself. Just an opinion though.


    rolling stone's gay anyways, and the album is A+ for me, lots of different sounds and there's something for everyone, I'm not the biggest Disney fan but I think Demi is the only teen right now that has the potential to be a music legend, her voice is still growing and she can be a great vocal icon.

  • b4dark

    check out this review its amazing

  • Kia

    I love the new album !! It's great because it really does show off her vocals and she has both the pop fun songs and the more r&b inspired songs but also the deep and powerful songs . I think it's a great album overall and I'm so proud of her.

  • ShevsRJW

    I'm in love with her album!! I just cannot get enough of it!! Fav songs on it?? It's a hard choice cos they all rock, but probably You're My Only Shawty, In Real Life, Skyscraper and Fix a Heart!!

  • Jeff Ting
    Jeff Ting

    The review so far that was bad was the rolling stones one. And that was a joke of a magazine. So far the reviews have been fairly positive. Anyone can see that.

  • dustglitterrain01

    I personally love the new album, especially the song ''Fix A Heart'', I think she's made a massive comeback.

  • dumas1000

    It seems like some of the more adult publications wanted her to go full out Miley Cyrus. Had she done that, she would've gotten slammed hard, particularly by her core fanbase. Demi is obviously in a situation where she cannot possibly win with everyone. It's not surprising at all that Rolling Stone, out of all enities, would want Demi to be more edgy, but she's not selling these albums to the Rolling Stone crowd. Rihanna has a lot of talent, but she sells pure sex and, personally, it turns me off a little. Rihanna could and should be better than to resort to those selling her body by pound tactics. I understand why Britney Spears does it, but it's not fair to insinuate that Demi should have to do the same. Miley lost a lot of fans by going so defiantly down that road.

  • Sue

    Demi is the best artist in the world, she has made a huge comeback and her music and voice is better than ever!