Gisele Bundchen Strips Down to Lingerie in Commercial (VIDEO)

Gisele Bundchen has one way of getting out of a sticky situation, slip into some super sexy panties and bra! In a commercial for Hope Lingerie, the supermodel shows how to tell someone you've crashed their car. 

In the first instance, Gisele is fully clothed, but in the second instance when she explains that she crashed the car, the model strips down to nothing but her undergarments which really helps when explaining her case. 

Getting Gisele to shoot this spot must have cost a pretty penny as it was revealed by Forbes earlier this year that she's the highest paid supermodel. 

Not only that but the Brazilian beauty and her beau Tom Brady are one of the world's richest couples, also according to Forbes. Their worth is a cumulative $76 million with Gisele earning an estimated $45 million and Tom grossing $31 million.



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  • xoxolovergirl

    I believe her bod is on all those "most wanted celebrity plastic surgery parts" lists each year. There is a reason she gets paid millions. Her bod while may not be "aesthetically" perfect to all, is perfection for a model. She can pull off high end clothes AND lingerie at the drop of the hat. she is not a one note panty model, thats for sure. Gisele is couture.

  • M

    If she was very fuller, she could not be a model, she needs to be slim for her work.

  • Sartain

    She would be more attractive if she had a fuller figure that boasts an ample cleavage, fuller legs and a fuller backside.