Jackson Rathbone Aims High in New Web Series (PHOTOS)

He was once a vampire, now he's a spy! Jackson Rathbone is trading in his fangs for spy gear in Cambio's new series Aim High.

Premiering October 11, the show centers around Rathbone's character Nick Green -- a high school junior leading a double life as he juggles between the roles of a regular student and a government-trained counter terrorism agent. If that's not enough to get you watching, the Twilight hottie will also be vying for the attention of Friday Night Light's Aimee Teegarden!

Click through the gallery to get a sneak peek of the first episode!

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  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    not sure how i feel about him goin from the big screen to my t.v. screen, hope its entertaining ..

  • joycewood

    He looks like Jack Black from the White Stripes at times. Like high school years... He is very good looking. But Jasper is suppose to be naturally blond, not wig-ish blond, and it looks weird. http://pinkpatchsite.com/