Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Take Mason for a Stylish Stroll (PHOTOS)

Fashion forward fam!
Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Take Mason to the Park

How much does Mason resemble Scott Disick here? Kourtney Kardashian and Scott took Mason to the park in NYC on Wednesday, and the happy family looked very chic for their outing.

Mason donned a Burberry sweater, striped dress pants, moccasin's, and white sunglasses for his day on the town and the always stylish Kourt wore a white sweater, black pants, and riding boots. Scott added a splash of color to the trio sporting a purple sweater and slacks.

The mother-son duo looked particularly fond of the slide, which they did side by side before Kourtney pushed Mason on the swings.

Scott looked like a proud father and partner smiling from the sidelines.

Glad they are having such a fun time on the east coast! They are currently filming the second season of Kourtney & Kim Take New York.



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  • april_2012

    some ppl are really messed up comin here to view these pics and call ppl's kids ugly ..some life they have it says a lot about them eat a big mack and calm ur tits :/

  • christy

    Lukais is SO ugly!

  • Mafer Lum
    Mafer Lum


  • KK

    Cutest kid everr :D I love the Kardashians and I think that Scott has really changed! Kourtney and Scott should totally tie the know (: Love you guys

  • kc

    U guys are an inspiration to young couples that there is hope.its high time mason a sister to play with.

  • pink gold
    pink gold

    Mason is good lookin just like his daddy. scott n kourt are perfect together. shes beautiful and he is sooooooo fine. wonderful family. hope they stay together forever.

  • vegan girl
    vegan girl

    its funny how the kardashians are all about looks so im sure kourtney was expecting to have one of those perfect, magazine covers baby. Mason turned out to be ugly, now she covers him in "stylish" and expensive outfits to make the situation a little better.

  • sm

    Scott looks hottt!

  • Sa Randa
    Sa Randa

    howwww cute is little masyyyyyyyyyy

  • Lorena Smith
    Lorena Smith

    scott kourtney and adorable mason all look great , just a lovely looking family. i am glad you are having a nice relaxing day. it is nice to see your arms around each other and the little one running ahead.you are great parents.love you guys.scott don,t forget your nite out with kourt once a week. your oldest fan god bless

  • dawn

    cute kid with not so cute hair.

  • xchloex13

    Omg hes so cute i love his Glasses:D

  • xchloex13

    Mason is so cutee:D

  • Sophie

    he is cute for sure cuz he's a baby and all babies are somehow lovely but he is not handsome at all. We all know that, no need to pretend here. Kourtney tries hard, covering him in designer, stylish outfits to distract people from his actual look but his face is oddly grown up looking. Armenians have strong features, not delicate at all. When he becomes an adult, it will fit better then. Rob Kardashian is attractive and he has strong armenian features but he's an adult. On a baby, strong and very masculine features look really weird.

  • Shanice09

    Aaaaah Masey is so cute!

  • Shanice09

    I think no person is ugly,every human being is a creation of God,and how u could say that,his just a little kid and his adorable but I guess haters will be haters!

  • Shanice09

    Aaaaah man his 2 cute!

  • Janet Villafranca Borromeo
    Janet Villafranca Borromeo

    He's not ugly. What are you talking about? Mason is so cute.

  • missunderstood

    thats so rude...he's a baby!!! how dare u ?

  • Luka

    This kid is so ugly.

  • Teuta

    Isn' t it about time they got married to legitimise their child?