Taylor Lautner: It’s ‘Weird’ to Think That ‘Twilight’ Is Over (VIDEO)

Taylor Rides a Motorcycle
Lautner on set of 'Abduction'
In just two days, Twihards will get to see the return of everyone’s favorite 19-year-old with a six-pack, Taylor Lautner, as he goes on the run in John Singleton’s new action-packed thriller, Abduction.

Early Wednesday morning, Taylor stopped by NBC’s TODAY, during which the the adorable hunk talked everything from filming his own stunts for Abduction, becoming an A-list star and how he feels about Twilight being officially over.

“I had the opportunity to do most of my own stunts. It was a lot of fun making this movie,” he said.

“It’s just crazy. I never thought I’d be riding on the hood of a truck flying down the road … There was a little bit of cheating just in case I did fly off I wouldn’t die,” he said, adding that filming the movie was a “major challenge,” both physically and emotionally.

On becoming an actor, Taylor confessed: “This was a childhood dream of mine … I love it so much. I never thought I’d be sitting here today. I still have to pinch myself to see if it’s real.”

As for that little movie franchise known as Twilight, Taylor summed up his thoughts on what it feels like to be done with the multi-million dollar series into one word: weird.

“It’s weird to think we’re done filming completely,” he said.

Abduction hits theaters nationwide on Friday. Check out Taylor’s interview on TODAY below.