Behind-the-Scenes of the Food Fight on 'Glee' (VIDEO)

Celebuzz Loves Glee!
Celebuzz Loves Glee
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If you caught the season premiere of Glee on Fox one of the best scenes was the big food fight. Now check out this behind-the-scenes video... it's just as messy as it looked!

Any guesses as to which gals maybe got the most grossed out by the situation?

Lea Michele and Naya Rivera. Can you really blame them? Check out the real-life besties comfort each other after they get pelted by the cafeteria food!

"The smell in there for the food fight scene was really really bad," Amber Riley laughed, looking a little disgusted.

But don't think the girls are gonna get too girly about it. Naya, Lea, and Heather Morris look like they are having a blast while chucking the food right back at the guys.

"I smell like vomit," Kevin McHale said after the scene.



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