BONUS CLIPS: Tamera Has Stage Fright and Tia Serves Up Healthy Shakes (VIDEO)

Tamera Gets Buzz'ed
Tamera Mowry talks to Celebuzz!
If you missed this week’s episode of Tia and Tamera on the Style network, don’t worry — we’re here to help you get caught up on the lives of the Mowry twins!

Tamera continues to consider jumping back into acting, but it’s Tia who’s fearing the worst for her sister. Meanwhile, Tia tries to spring one of her super healthy protein shakes on her sweet-tooth lovin’ twin.

Check out this extra bonus clip below to see if  Tamera will give in to this new healthy lifestyle!

Be sure to tune into an all new episode of Tia & Tamera on The Style Network on Monday 9/26 @9/8c to see the drama unfold as Tia prepares for the birth of her baby!