Bristol Palin Wears Short Shorts Out to Lunch with Son Tripp (PHOTOS)

The latest lady to join the short shorts club is Bristol Palin!

Showing off her svelte legs, the Hollywood mom stepped out with her son Tripp for a little lunch at Vienna Cafe in West Hollywood. Lookin’ good, Bristol! Meanwhile, her adorable blond haired, blue eyed baby boy — sporting a Phoenix Suns jersey and toting a toy car — is growing up fast!

Bristol is said to be working on a reality show with her former Dancing with the Stars castmate Kyle Massey. Meanwhile, her baby daddy Levi Johnston is making the rounds to blast Bristol after she wrote about him in her book.

Bristol wrote that she felt Levi “stole” her virginity, but he has a different take on the tale.

“That was about the only hurtful thing she’s called me so far,” he told Dr. Phil. “Obviously she’s not using the date rape thing, but it’s horrifying for someone you date for four years to say that.”

Levi complained that he hasn’t see his little boy (now two and a half) in over a month, but then confessed that he’s behind on child support.

There are some on-again off-again couples we’re rooting for, but in this case we’re glad Bristol has moved on and is doing her thing!