Happy 24th Birthday, Tom Felton! (PHOTOS)

Harry Potter Hunks
Who do you think is the hottest?
In just 24 short years, Tom Felton has gone from a geeky little boy to a full-on Hollywood hunk! In addition, the actore sure does have a full list of accomplishments under his belt.

Tom turns 24 today, Sept. 22, and we thought it only right to take you down memory lane to see the drastic transformation of Tom since he first hit the red carpet with the original installment of Harry Potter! Is he the hottest Potter actor of them all? Sound off in the comments and leave him a few b-day wishes while you’re at it!

We first took notice of the young star playing Draco Malfoy, the bitter school boy rival in the Harry Potter franchise. It’s hard to believe that it has already been 10 years since his big break in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, but Tom hasn’t slowed down one bit.

The once school boy rival is already broadening his horizons now that the wizardry has subsided, starring in the well received Rise Of the Planet of the Apes which was released in August. Being apart of the biggest movie franchise of all time can’t hurt, but the young star is already showing growth.

In addition to Apes and Potter, Tom also has four more movies coming up just this year! Looks like he’s not going anywhere!

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